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DOJ Information & Quick Links

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General Information

Department of Justice System Protocol: WIP http://bit.ly/Justice-System-Protocol

Law Book: https://bit.ly/OzzyLaws2

Surveillance Devices Act: http://bit.ly/Surveillance-Act

Raffles & Lottery Act 2021: http://bit.ly/Raffles-Lottery-Act-2021

Gambling & Wagering Act 2021: TBA

DOJ Administration Portal: Judge + only: http://bit.ly/Administration-Portal

DOJ Lawyer Portal: TBA

Lawyer Forms (Restricted Access) http://bit.ly/Lawyer-Forms

Lawyer Certificate Application Sheet (Restricted Access) http://bit.ly/Lawyer-Certificate-Application-Sheet


Police General Duties Protocol: http://bit.ly/PoliceProtocol

Report an Lawyer: TBA

Praise an Lawyer: TBA

Check your DOJ hours http://fivem.ozzy.life/profile

Discord Invitation https://discord.gg/UWuQCeT8va

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