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FiveM Change Log 1.2 [03/04/2018]

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G'day OzzyGamers.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.


- Purple Unicorn strip club job (whitelisted job)

- Added stripper control panel for Vanilla Unicorn (people with the Purple Unicorn job can find this at the DJ table)

- Added Lawyer Job

- Added food + water

- Added shops that sell food + water

- Added food/non-alcoholic /alcoholic drinks (You can buy these from the folks over at the Vanilla Unicorn)

- Added drunk effects

- Added the /jail command for police officers

- Added Victorian style police uniforms (was previously NSW uniforms)

- Added a surrender animation command - /k (this will put you on your knees with your hands behind your head)

- Added the job actions hotkey - F6

- Added invoices hotkey - F7

- Added the ability to sit in some chairs - Shift + E

- Police will now be alerted by pedestrians when a fight between players breaks out


- Modified vehicle prices (now much more balanced)

- Modified drug prices (now much more balanced)

- Modified weed collection/processor/seller locations (now closer to the city)

- Modified the respawn timer (automatic respawn is now set to 5 minutes)

- Modified the location of the Mechanic shop (now located at Benny's)

- Mechanics are now the only people who can customize vehicles (you must approach them in RP)

- Rebound the mechanic start flatbed job key from DEL to PGUP


- Removed the ability to get weapons from vehicles

- Removed the ability to pick guns up after killing pedestrians that carry them

- Disabled the /PV command

Kind Regards,

OzzyGaming FiveM Development Team.

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