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Rockwell - Staff Introduction

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Sir Rockwell

In-Game Name: Joshua Rockwell for legal, Niklaus Monticelli for Illegal (If I decide to make my illegal character).

Real-Life Name: Joshua (Unique I know HAHA)

Real-Life Age: 26

Nationality: Australian

Member of the Community Since: 22/06/2018

Member of the Staff Since: 09/07/2018

Staff Position: Support Staff

Why did you Join the Staff? When I joined the server, I noticed there weren't many staff members, and that the staff themselves were busy dealing with so much and had no time to enjoy themselves. Coming from a background of being a staff member on my own community servers I know how much not being able to enjoy yourself burns you out. So i decided to apply to become a staff member not only to help those guys out but to help in making the community a fun and enjoyable place for all staff and players. It's not fun dealing with bugs, trolls, and annoyances, so if I can help in anyway, I'm more then happy to.

About Yourself: As I said I'm 26 years old and have been a part of many different gaming communities, I am happily married with no children and work in the security sector. GTA RP has been a part of my regular gaming time starting on GTA:SA SA-MP in 2009 I was part of a large community being a helper/support staff there for some time and a big part of the community as a faction leader. I have also ran many Minecraft Servers a small time in Bris-MC before it's demise, Founding member and co-owner of both Infinity MC and Tasty-Craft. I have always enjoyed games from a young age, and still, to this day enjoy playing them. My main go to for games are RP/RPG style games though I love a good FPS and adventure, you will also find me playing a lot of simulator style games. Most times I'm an open book so if you want to know just ask.


- If you need me you can find me in Discord, or Teamspeak.

- I will continue to keep this updated.

- If I don't reply on Discord or Teamspeak send me a Forum PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it.

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