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Maddys Introduction

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real bio

Hello all im from south australia just found this server been looking for an australian server for a couple of days.

new to fivem and rp servers so just begining with using fivem a bit sloppy on controls but will learn them ive also made myself a little character bio for in game character.

rp character bio

Name: maddy sinko

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Height: 165 cm

weight: 60

maddy sinko being a adrenaline junkie from a young age he aspired to make money in the stuntman industry he moved to los santos to make a decent living. having learnt a variety of skills over the years in early stuntwork he thought he could prove his skills to the world until he met a mob boss named JOEY "The SHORTY" MARZINI who took interest in his skills and was contracted to do work for the family in heists ,drug deals,car theft and illegal gambiling his story is just begining.

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