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FiveM Change Log 1.11 [11/07/2018]

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G'day OzzyGamers.

As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.


This is a moderately sized update. A few main things need to be pointed out: Jobs that provided vehicles for collection have been disabled. You can purchase a job vehicle from the Job Vehicle Seller starting from $500. Additionally, you can buy a vehicle for 10K and under from the Low-End Vehicle Seller.

The vehicle damage system has changed, you can now type /repair once after your vehicle has broken, this is designed so that you can drive it to the Mechanic and get it repaired.

You may have noticed that the black weapon shop has moved. This will now move every week. Have fun finding it! You also cannot steal cars that NPCs are sitting in them... Unless you kill them. Vehicles on the side of the road are a different story, you should still be able to take those.


- New vehicle damage script (you can now, just once after your vehicle breaks use /repair so you can drive to a mechanic).

- Free bike rental locations around the core part of the city (you must return the bike in order to get another one out).

- Police radio animation, press or hold ALT to activate this.

- Police holster animation for pistols, you can hold Z to hover your hand near your waist to intimidate.

- Anti driveby, you cannot shoot out of your vehicle unless you are stationary.

- Job vehicle seller ( vehicles have been removed from collection jobs, you must buy a vehicle from the seller) important vehicles sell for $500.

- Automated low-end car dealership for when there are no dealers online, this dealer will only sell vehicles under 10K.

- Cruise control. Press "Y" to activate it.

- A doctor to the hospital that will heal you for $500.

- Blue circle under your feet that will light up blue when you are speaking.

- Weapon detectors at the front and back door of mission row ( Had to the disable the audio side of this as it was causing issues, will re-implement in the future when fixed) this will message police if someone walks through it with a weapon.

- New garage at Twilight Autos.


- Many markers have been redone, floating markers have been fixed, etc.

- Payout of bank robberies have been increased, and the payout is now in dirty money.

- Location of black market weapon shop has changed, and this will continue to move every week.

- Buffed garbage job payout.

- Buffed Dominos pizza job payout.

- Buffed Courier job payout.

- Raised the character limit for /news for Journalists.


- "U" lock system now locks/unlocks the boot.


- Job vehicles that spawn at the Depot.

- Tilde key lock (use the "U" lock system).

- Real estate job.

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