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  1. I voted No Crosshair for anyone, Would go All have it too, but mucher prefer no one, my dream is just level playing field. I havent been around too long so dont kno about any previous setups for the crosshairs on ozzy, but i still feel that like deep said, it could push players to use FPS a bit more (i think first person is crazily underused), I would love to be able to engage in hostile roleplay with the police without thinking how many seconds do i live this time. Aiming in the general direction of someone and knowing ur aiming directly at someone can be kinda underwhelming, unfair. As the infamous bruce almighty said, And thats the way the cookie crumbles.
  2. geez way to ruin it, Fine the real location is the apartment closet to Lotto building, but you have to buy it or it doesnt work. Use to with renting but not anymore
  3. I have had this one before. Biggest waste of time ever!
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