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  1. - In Game Name: Jack Grey - Steam Name: Buttstallion - Discord Name: xX_Nath_Xx#6362 - How long have you been on the Island? I have been on the island since May 2019 about 4 months now - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.) My name is Jack Grey, I moved to the island in may of 2019, I am a 55 year old male that is highly motivated to work hard to earn money for my retirement. Don't let my age fool you I am highly agile and can run down most people who are younger than myself. Previously I was a marlowe slave, where I would slave away picking grapes to produce the finest wine on the island. I found this job too labour intense and was totally under appreciated by the superiors. That is why I am applying for this job - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service? I believe I am suitable for this job because I am a highly skilled gun club veteran in the community that I come from, on my watch your clients will be protected in any situation that presents itself. - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line? Yes I understand that my life will be on the line at times with this job. I Must always protect the client at all costs and shield them from the dangers of the criminal world - Do you agree to wear a Uniform? Yes I Agree to wear the uniform - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work? Yes I agree to participate in any training that may assist with this line of work
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