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  1. +1 to this. Also, when you press 'Y' on controller is opens the Player List. If this could be removed too, controller users rejoice. Chur!
  2. I pre-ordered today. Hoping the ESO stuff has taught them enough of MMO. Oh God please don't be a hot mess...
  3. This is gonna be good. VERY good. Devil Z is hungry...
  4. Come onto Teamspeak we can talk further 

  5. Hey guys, For those on Keyboard/Mouse setups this won’t have been a problem, but for anyone using controller, when pressing ‘Y’ to get in and out of your vehicle, it brings up the player list. On keyboard this is done by pressing ‘Delete’. If you were to rebind player list to say ‘Shift+Delete’ it may fix the issue. Cheers guys! floomoo
  6. Keen as a bean to work on some lean mean machines. The Devil Z is hungry. And there needs to be more cars out there, custom made to the eyeballs for the 240z to feast on. Flexible on pay. Look forward to hearing from you soon, floomoo