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  1. I firmly believe either no one should have cross-hairs, or everyone should have them. A lot of people have made the good point that everyone should have them as this counters people who use 3pp's or other methods of obtaining cross-hairs. There's a couple of reasons why I don't really agree with this. Firstly I don't want a cross-hair on my screen. I don't want to sacrifice even a small amount of my immersion and give in to the shitty role-players that are in constant shoot-outs, and are so competitive that they can't take a loss and feel the need to use a cross-hair. Secondly let's look at the impact this could have to role-play. People would be more eager to resort to shooting, instead of letting the situation progress at a natural pace. If you're holding someones friend at gun point, they can just line up a shot on you and don't have to worry about accidentally hitting their mate. This will mostly likely create a massive issue with people failing to value their comrades lives because they can shoot much more accurately without worry of hitting their friends. Shootouts will likely become more frequently, and last for a shorter duration. Now if no one has cross-hairs. Sure some people will use 3pp's, but Duck these people. The kind of people that do this, are not good role-players. They're not interesting in creating interesting, exciting and entertaining stories with other people - they're interested in getting in shoot-outs and always coming out on top. Maybe you lose a shoot-out with one of these people, but afterwards you can go back to doing good and interesting role-play while they'll continue to go around starting shoot-outs and getting no good-play out of it. They'll most likely get themselves banned eventually. Like @Molotov mentioned - I don't think we should abandon rules to cater to these people. No cross-hairs is better for immersion, it makes shoot-outs more interesting, it means people actually have to worry about missing their target, it means police would have to be way more careful about hitting bystanders. Having a cross-hair takes all of this away. I'm happy to occasionally get one-tapped by a garbage role-player if it means that my role-play in general remains immersive. +1 No one gets cross-hairs
  2. How is it unrealistic to create fun events that aren't illegal? There's been plenty of them. In my experience staff are happy with people creating events in RP, it makes the city more alive. Some business applications get shot down because you can just RP the business, you don't need it implemented in the server. As for Galaxy getting shut down under the old ownership, I believe that was because they were laundering money and it's the PDs job to stop things like that. If you character is so tactically trained - then why are you running drugs by yourself? Someone who's as tactically trained as you say your character is, would know better than to risk their lives over some possessions that only took them a few hours to obtain. You got banned and you're not happy about it. Instead of blaming the RP of everyone else on the server, how about you accept that what you did was bad roleplay and simply do it differently in the future. Honestly who cares if you lose a bit of cash, money is just another item.
  3. Look we've all been robbed at some point or another, it's just something that happens from time to time. Personally I can't actually remember the last time I was robbed. People who spend a lot of time grinding drug runs, tend to get robbed quite a bit more. It's just something you have to accept. No amount of drugs or material possession is worth your life. There's ways to deal with it in RP without an unrealistic shootout. ^ Hit the nail on the head there imo
  4. You have to find out in roleplay mate. Make some friends and ask around!
  5. This is the best solution in my opinion. It puts everyone on an even playing field aim-wise, crosshair overlays are no longer an issue, and those of us who don't want a crosshair can choose not to have one.
  6. Yeah I agree. I'm leaning towards everyone having it, just because it's easy for people to use 3rd party crosshairs and almost impossible to prove they're doing it. I'd prefer no one has crosshairs for realism purposes, but it's too easy for people to give themselves a crosshair, so might as well let everyone have one. This is a really good point
  7. Yeah I agree. I'm leaning towards everyone having it, just because it's easy for people to use 3rd party crosshairs and almost impossible to prove they're doing it. I'd prefer no one has crosshairs for realism purposes, but it's too easy for people to give themselves a crosshair, so might as well let everyone have one.
  8. McNuggerz, surely you've been around long enough to know that gangs rarely last longer than a week If you're craving some social RP the Unicorn staff have been holding some fun impromptu events keep an eye out for those. I hear the number 1 security at Galaxy is always up for a chat and a laugh too
  9. +1 Creative idea, sounds like a lot of fun Give this man a flare gun!
  10. You can still get diving gear at hardware stores.
  11. @J-Dub +1 Thanks for making a graphic! With the removal of cocaine armor, 5 crims vs 6 - 8 cops sounds like it would be pretty even.
  12. In all my experiences as hostage, I've never felt that my characters survival was the priority. About half of the robberies I've been hostage in, I got very little RP out of it and it seemed very clear that the Polices priority was the money. An unrelated situation - a few days ago SRT open fired into a crowd of civilians, nobody seemed to have any idea what kicked this off. Civilians lives should be valued more than this and the Police should show restraint when innocent lives are on the line. This isn't to say that all Police don't value civilian lives. Outside of bank robberies the majority of Police value civilian lives just fine. There's a lot of great Police in the city and it's not my intention to muddy their reputation. Many officers have gone above and beyond to help people (myself included) and generally my experience with Police is positive. However when there's a hostage, their life should always be the priority. Agreed. If you can do a bank with 6 - 8 cops online, then there shouldn't be a priority cooldown for one when there's 16 cops in the city. With good management of resources 16 cops should be able to respond to 2 banks without issue (I understand this might not be the case against crews of 6 with carbine rifles) Perhaps a solution could be to reduce criminal crew size to 4 for non-union banks, keep it 6 for union, and put a limit on the number of Police that can respond to non-union banks. Let all the Police respond to union and keep that as something to load up and shoot each other over.
  13. If there's 16 police - then that's plenty of resources to handle 2 robberies. If you can do a robbery with 6 cops online, then why not 2 robberies with 16? If 16 police can only handle 1 robbery at a time, then that's an issue with their organisation. Even if there's only 1 robbery happening, police still shouldn't send all their resources there. It's overkill and IMO the resources could be better utilized by spreading them out. If police relaxed their use of advantages, then crims would be more inclined to try a get-away and not shoot it out.
  14. Great stuff! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in!
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