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  1. Literally further proved my point better than even I could. The rules are WACKKKK
  2. Yeah nah, my character is tactically trained, but he enjoys the Duck out of running drugs, let's him just chuck on some riddim on Spotify whilst cooking some rock candy mate. Good fun. We're all humans mate, just because I'm tactically trained doesn't mean I can't have fun haha
  3. Fully agree! But it's extremely unrealistic to create 'fun' events on the right side of the law, all those that have tried and succeeded, end up leaving the community due to admins either ganging up and making it their prime objective to catch them out on breaking rules, denying excellent applications for jobs/ businesses, and even the PD shutting down vibrant businesses like Galaxy, for bullshit, killing RP on the right side of the law. It's fully fugged, but it's true. Of course admins who see this will deny deny deny, but it's true. Also, the mere increase in orgs/ businesses that have started, most of which all run by admins/ devs/ staff in general, is total bullshit. Players who want to have money, don't want to do illegal shit, but have no other option when you get near to nothing to do jobs like landscaping. You don't see guys driving Lambos who made their money doing landscaping, they're usually either owners of businesses/ drug manufacturers/ friends with owners of businesses lol. So seeing this server give ownership of big businesses to small people who are qualified to run said businesses, is like seeing America's population give up their guns, it's never going to happen lol.
  4. If you're aware of the server and how it operates, clearly this is regarding hostileRP, now if you're not trying your best to 'annihilate' those you're involved in hostileRP with, then you'd not be valuing your life, so yes, if you're having a shootout with multiple people, it's absolutely roleplay. Killing happens on this server every minute or so, and if you disagree, you're not active. You're absolutely right, I was stating what some people do, and it's quite common amongst those who break fearRP This much is quite obvious, no rule could be explained with every example, however if we're on the topic of logical roleplay, I don't understand why a group of 2 would pull a gun on a guy who clearly has a pistol out, that much seems like they'd also be not valuing their life. The third guy joined in only when the gunfight started (As seen in my video). It just seems so hypocritical that I'm being punished for breaking the very rule that they seem to have broken, the only difference is, they're shit and aiming their mouse at players and left clicking, whilst I am pretty damn decent (as seen in the video). Again, in real life, if I had an M9 Beretta pistol in my hand when two guys pulled up on me also with pistols, like in this exact situation, IRL it wouldn't seem like I'd get out of that alive, so why on earth would I risk loosing my possessions and life, when I could potentially save my life + possessions and go down with a fight? For a second, let's logically just take a step back, and look at this situation. They pull up on me with guns out, my paranoid ass pulls guns on them, we're pointing guns at each other, we all just start firing, then whoever dies goes to HD and complains about lack of deceleration. If you truly believe that if I had raised my gun in that situation, that these guys wouldn't have just started popping off rounds, then you're sadly blind to how hostile RP goes on this server, if you pull a gun on a cop, you're not going to go without being shot. If you pull a gun on a civilian, you're not going to go without being shot. IF that had happened, it would be a much more messy situation. ANOTHER scenario on how this could have gone is: I get robbed, they steal my shit, I magically get let go (Never in 1 million years would that happen), and I just find them within the 10 mins of hostileRP, and drop them whilst they least expect it, they will call it out as RDM, we go in a sit, and an admin would make up some bullshit saying "Ohhh you didn't havvvvvvvve to kill them", and then bam, like I said, an admin would just start making up rules on the spot (Happens every time I commit a revenge kill after hostileRP). IT'S ALLLLLL MESSY ON THIS SERVER. No matter what RP scenario happens, it's a shit show. As for character's type, personally my character has been a paramedic, pilot, security guard, gang member of 3 gangs, and now bikey, so it's quite clear to say I'm tactically trained, and I'm not a nice guy you meet on the street, you'd hope I'd be a hard, mean criminally minded guy who doesn't let shit just happen to him. On the receiving end of this roleplay, if I was a cancerous player who robber everyone I see, which I'm not, I would have had a quicker reaction time and would have not stood there taking bullets to the head for about 2 seconds before actually reacting. Also, I would have seen that I had a pistol in my hand, so I'd be ready for any movement at all from the dude I'm robbing, so, with the heavy pistol (That the guy had in his hand), I'd be carefully aiming at the head/ upper chest, ready to 1/2 tap the guy. Like I said, my character is tactically trained, not some cancerous player who rolls in groups robbing 1 guy at at time.
  5. Respectfully I agree with a bunch of the stuff you've said, and I agree, unfortunately when people kill, they wouldn't worry about making the report, however when they've been outgunned in a situation where they were outgunning that who they were robbing, they get super salty and go on a rant in HD and beg for revenge (Getting someone banned), which is exactly what happened in this case. Sucks really. Like I said to Pro and other staff when asked about the situation, I've before been in a stand off with 3 guys, and dropped each and every one of them. I dropped 1 of these dudes, knocked the other to the ground, then when going for the third one, as you can see in the video, my mouse has a numpad on the side, so in the heat of the moment, I've pressed '1' which puts my bloody pistol away, rendering me useless in the moment (When I started swinging) lol. IF that hadn't happened, this whole situation may be a lot neater, as I'd have video of me absolutely annihilating 3 dudes who thought they had me eeeeeasy haha. GTA however does sort of still have that opportunity to break fear RP, if you're able to start punching a guy with a gun pointed at you, and you're able to lock onto him through the combat system, then he can't do anything but possible combat roll/ knock you out, otherwise he'll be beaten to death, which will result in major rage haha. However, if you're skilled, then what you said is true, you can get out of that situation and GTA's game mechanics won't actually get in the way of someone breaking fearRP. As for the roleplay in this situation, upon talking to him after, unfortunately this wasn't a planned thing, his mates were the cancerous players, who rocked up with only robbing in mind, he had no intention, but had to follow what his friends were doing, supposedly. Even still, if you've ever been in that situation, it gets messy. They/ others have/ will kill you after robbing you most of the time, and their reasoning behind it is, they don't want the cops being told, now heres where this servers rules get absolutely fugged. I've been told by some staff, that that's fine to do, then other times, I've been told NO WAY. The rules being so open, make contradiction a UUUGE problem on this server, and so It's hard to follow rules, when you've been told something so important by one staff member, and something completely different by another. Now If I were to follow the rule that they CAN kill me to avoid cops, then why on earth would I therefore handover everything I've worked all day for, only to still be killed. Why wouldn't I risk my life, defending my life + my possessions? Veryyyyyy messy. Imo the rules are really good, however some need clarifying a bit more, especially regarding robberyRP. But nah, I absolutely love this server either way, it's just sometimes shit can get real messy and there's nothing you can do about it. Oh well
  6. I'm not sure if your eyes work or not brother, but you seem to be blind. You can't combat roll unless you have your gun out. I had my gun out the whole time brotherrrrrrrrr. Use those eyes fam. It's people like you that I made this post about
  7. Gooday, I've been a member of this terrific community for 1 year now, and I've noticed something; the increase of terrible players has increased dramatically, turning the world of FiveM into the world of Rust, imagine having a close to 5 minute, friendly conversation with a friendly guy, having common interests in earning money in this terrific server, only to be stabbed in the back (or shot) by him and 2 of his mates, for them to gain absolutely nothing but some cash and some food? Well, welcome to Ozzygaming. The bad thing is, that there are awesome people in this server/ city, you'll meet some of the funniest people, have the most fun you could have in a game like FiveM, meet some awesome cops that will give you some quality RP, only for all that RP experience to be taken away by low-lives that earn their living, and somehow gain fun from robbing innocent people, who wouldn't even think of doing the same to anyone. People who ruin yours, the guy next to you, and everyone who they encounter's RP experience. These people will/ are the fall and defeat of roleplay in Ozzygaming, and pretty much all other RP servers out there. Either way, I'll enjoy my ban for apparently breaking 'FearRP' when I was protecting all that I worked for for the whole day, and dropped 2 of them instantly anyway Imagine a server without these people?
  8. - In Game Name: Frank Coletti - Steam Name: F1nker - Discord Name: F1nker (In Character Questions) - How long have you been on the Island? 7 months - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.) I've worked everything there is, I've worked full-time as an EMS, I've worked for some shady people, offering protection where needed, little jobs here and there done etc. I've seen the best and worst side of this city during my career. I have just been made redundant from the Private Airlines due to the company being shut down, and I'm currently out of work, looking for something new and full-time. - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service? I know how to deal with tense situations, I know how to calm situations down, and I know how to listen. I'm not here to order people around, creating tense situations that can lead to violence. Convincing is one of my strong points, and I would like to offer my skills to control situations in the city. When push comes to shove, I can also control situations, if they get of hand. - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line? Yes, as stated, I know how to deal with any situation thrown at me, I can control anyone, and if need be, I can control them using the tools of the job. I will not lose my life nor risk any innocent person's life. - Do you agree to wear a Uniform? Absolutely, it identifies us as who we are. It makes us a team. - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work? Absolutely, I'd love for that opportunity.
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