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  1. G’day Speedsters , I'm running the event on Saturday 31/3/18. I will be running it about 2030hrs AEDT. My events are a little bit of RP core.... a little. Need Civ and Police….and Medic if you want. So if you want to be a Civ spawn in as a Civ, if you want to be a Police, spawn in as Police before 2030hrs. Rush Hour Race Day My Race Hour Gang need a new driver. I have a race with many surprises you need to complete to get the job. You don't need anything, If you get caught from the Police it's your own fault. Spawn in-game and TS and i'll send the details. I have another job after the race. Good luck.
  2. Sea of Thieves...

    A few of my carpenter mates are getting it so I will be keen for it.