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  1. G’day Speedsters , I'm running the event on Saturday 31/3/18. I will be running it about 2030hrs AEDT. My events are a little bit of RP core.... a little. Need Civ and Police….and Medic if you want. So if you want to be a Civ spawn in as a Civ, if you want to be a Police, spawn in as Police before 2030hrs. Rush Hour Race Day My Race Hour Gang need a new driver. I have a race with many surprises you need to complete to get the job. You don't need anything, If you get caught from the Police it's your own fault. Spawn in-game and TS and i'll send the details. I have another job after the race. Good luck.
  2. G’day Blue Warriors. The Police Cabinet are holding a Police Force meeting on Thursday 22 March, about 1930hrs AEDT. We will cover the Police Force from several topics and answer any questions you have. This meeting is not mandatory, if you can't make it feel free to contact any Cabinet member and they will help.
  3. Voting finished, I will talk to the Police Cabinet to disuss it. Thanks for your voice.
  4. Molotov, Yuki was never boss of SPG. Prowlers have their way, how I used to deploy them on SPG worked 100%. They have to be smart and rich.
  5. As I raised up, I am having a vote to see what the Community’s thoughts were about the ratio between Police to Civs. I have received messages, pokes and listened to you. So here is your chance. Vote finishes Sunday night. Four choices. - No rules/ratio/change - Police 50% (half) of Civs (e.g. 10 Police to 20 civs) - Police 33% (⅓) of Civs (e.g. 10 Police to 30 Civs) - Police 25% (¼) of Civs (e.g. 10 Police to 40 Civs)
  6. G'day Blue Warriors, this is the Police Force Cabinet. The guys are in charge of certain areas but they are all working together on database and rules which is a big monster. I am very impressed with these warriors and the amount of work they are doing. We will be organising a Police Force Meeting next week end, thank you for your support. Commissioner Nuts Deputy Commissioner Vacant Senior Assistant Commissioners General Duties Bulldog Police Force Training Barks Police Pilot Chris Evans State Protection Group (SPG) Infinity Traffic/Plain Clothes/White-listing Jackicus Assistant Commissioners Vacant
  7. Blue Warriors I am getting questions about the Police Force. I did make a forum post on the old forums but that is in the ether. Here is a few answers to questions I have been asked. If you have a question please ask, the Cabinet and I are here to help. - Police Force overview General Duties will be the bread and butter, everyone will be in GD but can have access to support/part time area. There must be a certain number of GD members patrolling before any support/part time area can be activated. - Support/Part Time Areas SPG, Traffic, Pilot, Detective and Undercover will be coming back. What I said before, there must be a certain number of active GD members patrolling before these can be activated. - Trainings I will not make you do them again. Once is enough, some part time areas will have trainings. - Ranks The reason for the ranks change, I made that for a way to see who is active and playing. The Cabinet will be targeting people for jobs in the future. I believe in a community voice. I will make a vote for the ratio of Police to Civs. Do I make it 50% (half) of civs numbers, make it 75% (1 to 3) or just make no rules? Going on a holiday next week for a week so will be doing a meeting after that.
  8. I never said that. I'll bring it up with the meeting what I'm doing.
  9. Yeah correct replies. Just a quick reply from me (at work). Trainings- I will not make you do them again. Once is enough, some part time areas will have trainings. Ranks - The reason for the ranks change, I made that for a way to see who is active and playing, the Cabinet will be targeting people for jobs in the future. I am not rushing things at the moment, the biggest reason, we need an active server. This includes a high active civilian population. I will build Police when population increase. I know people only play Police, but that does not help the server. Will have a Police meeting in a couple of weeks to have a chat with all.
  10. Could be made as a reward rather than a money amount. All just suggestions.
  11. I raised this suggestion in the old forums. Rather than having Telos and North Kavala etc sold to the first people on the server make it sold by the Altis Government. Be it a silent highest bid, auction or the first people to give the Government $10 million(just a random amount). I just see we need to stop people just getting into the game buying the best locations/property's and never being active.
  12. Poll has closed. I will organise a meeting in the coming weeks to chat to you and be an ear to what you warriors want.
  13. Blue Warriors, I received two messages from people wanting to run for the Altis Police Commissioner job. Including myself we have three Candidates. Walter, Daniel and myself. I received no messages from the Canidates to inform the community what they will do with the Police Force. So this will be a very simple vote, vote finishes on Sunday afternoon.
  14. For the members that have put their hand up for Police Commissioner job, please type up a candidate's story about what you want to do with the force etc. I have also sent you a PM asking this. Get it to me before Friday evening please.
  15. Sea of Thieves...

    A few of my carpenter mates are getting it so I will be keen for it.