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Wolfish Grin

GÔÇÖDay - Intro

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G'day all,

Brand spanking newb to community. Casual first gen gamer...yeah I'm old, but not very skilled. Most gaming nowadays on PS4 (@Wolfish_Grin). Used to love GTA V, but always wanted to play as the police instead of the crook, and haven't played in yonks. Love RDR2, and currently playing a fair bit of COD, but after seeing some vids of this community playing as coppers in GTA V, you've sparked my interest again. About to start reading through forums to educate myself, but would appreciate and guidance/tips on offer.
Am I able to participate if I just use PS4, or community just for PC users?


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G'day Wolfish Grin!

Welcome to OzzyGaming. Happy to have you here.

Unfortunately FiveM is only for PC and you will not be able to use your PS4. However, You are still able to interact with the community via our discord and forums without issues.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Any further questions don't hesitate to ask, or send me a DM on discord (Hughesy43#8422)


Hughesy43 ~ FiveM Administrator

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Hi wolfish grin, Welcome to OzzyGaming :)

Since you're new I suggest you take a look into the guide section of the forums to get yourself started. I've attached the image that displays all controls below.

A good way to get yourself some cash is by doing a "non-whitelistjob" such as being a treasure hunting or a trucking. If you're unable to find one, landscaping is the current favorite.

Before you get too deep into the server you and your brother might want to consider getting character name changes to avoid issues with staff in the future. If you've already gotten into the server with your current character I recommend requesting a name change under the support section by creating a ticket.

Teamespeak - ts.ozzy.life
discord - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/discord

Hope you enjoy your time in the city,
Justin - 2014 Veteran Admin

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