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Thomas Lee

Hello there

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G'day all
New to the server / whole fiveM really, I have seen a heap of videos on youtube and love the experience and now looking to join in on the fun.
Looking to meet up with people for some RP stories / shenanigans / getting to know how the server works.

Just a little bit about my character.
Thomas Lee (in game name)
Biker life/ gang life was all that Thomas knew growing up under his fathers biker gang with life not changing much for him as he grew older. The gang dealt mostly in chop shops/ protection racketing and drug running with Thomas almost taking over the leadership of the gang before getting arrested on one of there largest deals. Many years have passed with the old memories of his gang fading Thomas is seeking a "normal" life but with the stresses of the world the urge to go back to a life of crime for the easy money is weighing heavily on him.

Thanks for reading hope to see you all in game.

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  • Executive

Hi Thomas,

Awesome backstory, I appreciate your effort!

I hope you find some fun in the server ,its pretty easy/fast to meet people if you just start exporing the island and even applying for a position in one of the businesses. Hopefully after a few days in you'll be hooked haha. If you need any help feel free to ask away in #support in our discord server to get answers fastest, otherwise there are a variety of guides available on the forums here.
Have a great time! ­ƒÿü

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Hi Thomas Lee, Welcome to OzzyGaming :)

Since you're new I suggest you take a look into the guide section of the forums to get yourself started. I've attached the image that displays all controls below.

A good way to get yourself some cash is by doing a "non-whitelistjob" such as being a treasure hunting or a trucking. If you're unable to find one, landscaping is the current favorite.

Before you get too deep into the server you and your brother might want to consider getting character name changes to avoid issues with staff in the future. If you've already gotten into the server with your current character I recommend requesting a name change under the support section by creating a ticket.

Teamespeak - ts.ozzy.life
discord - https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/discord

Hope you enjoy your time in the city,
Justin - 2014 Veteran Admin

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