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RP Serious Level (Poll)

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Can I hear from the community how serious people are about RP in this community?

This includes: having characters who obey rules vs just breaking laws because they know the server doesn't have much police presence etc.

Do people often create RP situations for other members, police, ems, etc?


1 = yes, serious rp

2= no, not serious rp

Thank you,


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Hey, mate Would like to say Ozzygaming is serious/Casual With most Players having good roleplay aspects and On top of that there is an amazingly friendly staff team backing Ozzy up at all times but there are some trolls witch get dealt with but theirs always gonna be trolls on whatever server u play I would say Ozzygaming is a strong community with serious aspects of Rp that always has a fun side, Ozzy has Much to do with all the Venues that are open regularly also events and other RP Things to do If u, in the end, decide to chose Ozzy to play on Good luck mate hope to see u around :)

Thanks Jordo

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Thank you guys so much!

So far in my experience I have met a lot of good role players.

Even when I got robbed, it was professional! Very well organized and they handled their RP so well. I actually WANTED to give them my money.

I'm still exploring quite a bit since my character hasn't gotten involved with any of the venues yet. (just grinding jobs)

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