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FiveM Server Rules update 07/06/20

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Howdy everyone,

From midnight tonight, the FiveM rules will be updated and take effect as of Sunday. You can read them now however they will not take effect until midnight. Staff have been fully briefed on the changes. If you have any specific concerns or questions I would encourage you to DM myself and I'll provide you my best explanation.

The rules have been completely overhauled and unfortunately will require a full read through again to fully understand. They are slightly longer than the previous rules and hopefully fill a lot of gaps we have had previously. I'll quickly touch on the noteable changes.

  • One of the biggest changes relates to bank robberies. We have opened up more avenues to conduct a bank robbery, including a hostile robbery where negotiations are not required. In general, we really wanted to change the meta here, including the cops previously not having any risk of initially attending a robbery as rules said you had to negotiate. We have stipulated that negotiation style robberies should still be the main style and if people/groups are consistently unwilling to negotiate, admins will step in. Furthermore, outside robbers can no longer be hostile with police but also don't need to be disclosed. There will be a maximum of 2 bikes and helicopters permitted in a robbery. If you plan to conduct a robbery, you must fully read the entire section on this to ensure understanding.
  • Clarification on police raiding illegal/known drug areas and the power to search people with that probable cause. Doing drugs must be risky to offset its rewards and being at any hotspot such as a drug field, processing plants or Trevor's trailer should gain police attention, be smart, avoid police. Police are aware of most illegal locations on the island and can use you being there are probable cause to search you. When searching, only the main raw or final product is considered illegal such as leaves. Just having filters for example would only be circumstantial. If police are obviously doing a hostile raid a location, civilians may fight back, but if police stumble upon you and want to ask you questions and search you, that isn't hostile unless you declare.
  • Improved clarity on declarations and how long a hostile situation lasts. Pointing a lethal firearm is considered a declaration but should be accompanied by a verbal demand. Police pointing a taser is not hostile unless they fire it.
  • The 10 minute rule has been reduced to 5 and the wording of the rule clears up its intent. It limits seeing someone 5-10 minutes later on the other side of the map and executing them without roleplay.
  • Real world event roleplay (riots, Covid etc), terrorism or forced sexual roleplay is specifically not allowed.
  • Reinforcing that going "out of rp" is not permitted and any issues should be dealt with after the roleplay has ended.
  • Value of life rule has been specified. This will always be a contentious one, but we've basically said in situations where you are clearly outnumbered or outgunned where it's unlikely you would win, you're required to comply.
  • Specified combat logging as it's own rule.
  • Added specific rules about scamming players.

(Please note the above are not to be taken as the full new rules and are just a brief explanation, please read the full rules).

We hope these large changes have a positive effect on the server and will improve the quality and standard of role play. We have recently had a large increase in the number of staff as well at picked up activity and we will be making a big push to educate players on the new rules over the next few days.

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