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Me and my characters backstory

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EcliipSe Cream, born in 1981 and raised in Colombia, he grew up with drugs and violence all around him with the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar on the news involving the murder investigations caused by his gang the Medellin Cartel.He knew what he wanted when he saw the Special Forces on the Television rounding up and executing members of the Cartel with no punishment.After training everyday at firing ranges and gyms, once he became of legal age he was enlisted in the Colombian Military. The Special Forces were soon to see his abilities and Potential and recruited him into in the Elite Task Force known as The Spades. Working for the president at the time Virgitio Barco Varags, he soon met his brothers that he keeps close to him today, this Elite Task Force was called The Spades by the President which worked very closely doing various dirty missions such as assassinating drug lords and other rivals who wish to take the seat off the corrupt President.The president had told the group this would be their last mission, things had calmed down and he didn't need the Spades anymore. On this last mission they were to signal an airstrike on a Drug lords compound that had thousands of kgs of Cocaine inside, they pulled up at the compound and laser marked it for the air strike team and then called it in on the radio, 30 seconds later they noticed that there was a school bus in the compound and that they were trafficking children, shocked by this site they called on the radio to cancel so that they could enter and evacuate the children before the pilot reached the compound, the pilot replied "ETA 5 minutes" the pilot wouldn't listen so they had to get the children out, they went down the hill and killed all the guards and the drug lord, then they took the children in the school bus and took them to the evacuation zone, where the helicopter was waiting, then when they arrived to the zone, the airstrike hit the buildings and the ground shook, they put the kids on the helicopter and as it flew away it was shot by a Special Forces jet's anti air missile and exploded into a ball of flames, EcliipSe then looked at his team with a grim look on his face and said "That was meant to be us". After being betrayed by the Government they left Columbia and moved to Los Santos, they all had 3 things in common, a love for guns, motorbikes and that they didn't want to let their skills go to waste. So they turned to a life of crime in the streets of Los Santos, with connections still in Columbia they were able to bring in Cocaine and other Narcotics across the borders into the city. After the "Black out" when they were reported dead, they Formed the MC now Known as Black Spades.

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