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Graphics Settings: Optimise for minimal texture loss

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If you've been having issues with texture loss, items, players or buildings not loading in, follow these Graphics settings.

Open FiveM and join a server, you'll need to do this to open your graphics settings.

Screen Type: Windowed / Windowed borderless
Dirext X version: dx 11

VSync off

All population settings moved all the way to the left (zero)
Same with distance scaling
Texture quality: Normal
Shader quality: Normal
Shadow quality: Normal
Reflection quality: Normal
Reflection MSAA: Off
Water quality: Normal
Particles quality: Normal
Grass quality: Normal
Soft shadows (sharp or normal)
Post FX: High (Adds a glow to emergency lights if High or above)
Motion blur: Off (or low)
Depth of field effects: Off (or low)
Anisotropic filtering: 16x
Ambient occlusion: Off
Tessellation: Off

Save and restart FiveM
Once the game restarts go to Advance Graphics Settings and confirm everything in there is off.

I haven't personally had a texture loss issue since using theses settings. Running on i7 6700k 16gb and a 1070 the game also running on nvme M2 SSD.

We would recommend you play with your settings to your preference. This is a good starting point for texture loss issues. Most players use a client side visual mod to make things look pretty due to the graphics settings having to be at normal for a decent playing experience.

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