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FiveM 2.1.1 Changelog (26/01/19)

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FiveM 2.1.1 Changelog[(26/01/19]

- Adjusted Store robberies
Added a bunch more around the map in areas that were missing them. Adjusted timings and payouts. Popular ones in downtown can now be completed relatively quickly but may pay less. Bigger stores/locations pay more/take longer. Distant stores such as Paleto/Sandy pay about the same and will remain as fairly long robberies.

- Car changes
Each car rotation in the dealership have been added, a lot of different cars will now be available for purchase, each dealership provides has their own range of the more deluxe cars. The Flash GT has been added to both.

- New texturing around the map

- Updated some quotes, removed some Christmas stuff, loading screen etc.

- General bug fixes, exploit fixes and updated a few tool tips.

- FiveM rules have been overhauled

(This list is not exhaustive)

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