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In-game sound and Population density - Windows 10

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So you're having issues with people hearing you or you them in game.

Have you checked your in-game Voice chat settings? If you haven't already tried SHIFT+H to set your proximity, try that before continuing to read.

See how here - https://plays.tv/video/5a299217cbfa2539bc/voice-chat-and-population-density?from=user

If for whatever reason you checked all this and ensured you have pressed "N" if you have it on "push to talk". follow the instructions below the line.


If still nothing, right click your volume and go to Playback devices.

Ensure only your playback device is available and all others are disabled.

The same in Recording.

Restart PC and check game settings again.


Nothing after that ? Please rebox your PC and return it to the place of purchase, you are not capable of using a PC.

Only Kidding.......... join our discord and ask for help.

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