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TunaSandwich's Judge Application

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TunaSandwich's Judge Application
Application ID #11883
Submitted on 06/05/23 at 07:47:47 AM

OOC Contact Info
Character Name
James Wogason
Criminal Record (N if none)
Why do you wish to become a Judge?
I want to bring justice and keep the streets safe. I feel that there hasn't been enough court cases happening and that's why lately there's been more abusive and non rp behaviour happening. I strongly feel that i have a great view on things and can accurately see right from wrong every time.
What do you think the role of a Judge is?
The role of a judge is vital in the legal system as they have the responsibility to administer justice impartially and fairly. Judges are appointed or elected to preside over courts and make legal decisions based on the facts and applicable laws.
Are you (or have you been) a lawyer on OzzyGaming FiveM?

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