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Shapesy's Judge Application

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Shapesy's Judge Application
Application ID #10903
Submitted on 09/21/22 at 04:10:44 AM

OOC Contact Info
Character Name
Jah Salvator
Criminal Record (N if none)
Why do you wish to become a Judge?
I wish to become a judge as I'm an extremely passionate regarding the criminal justice system and how's a person's mind ticks/functions in ways of different personnel and then bring the correct justice/punishment to light and provide the right path of rehabilitation to the defendant/prosecutor.
What do you think the role of a Judge is?
I believe the role of a judge is to be the final line of defense regarding criminals & people as a whole and how to deal with them whether it's incarceration or another form of rehabilitation
Are you (or have you been) a lawyer on OzzyGaming FiveM?

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