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Shapesy's Lawyer Application

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Shapesy's Lawyer Application
Application ID #10798
Submitted on 08/12/22 at 11:09:35 AM

OOC Contact Info
Character Name
Jah Salvator
Link to your OzzyGaming player profile
How many hours have you played on OzzyGaming's FiveM server?
What do you think the role of a Lawyer is?
I personally think being a lawyer is like being a person of knowledge that helps others when they don't have legal understanding of their rights and circumstances, so that's where a lawyer comes into play, someone who can be a voice for the voiceless or the hero in someone's stage in life, from people of innocence being wrongly accused or those of criminal convictions regretting their actions wanting another try in life without a life sentence in jail and that's what a lawyer does, They bring a peace of mind knowing someone is trying there all to defend and/or reduce time and suffering of someone fighting in court and also making sure that certain people get the maximum penalty for their crimes
Have you recieved any formal warnings or ban on the server?
Do you have any legal experience? (Ozzy, other servers or IRL)
No but more than happy to learn and I am extremely passionate about people's rights and free my character would be an awesome addition to the DOJ team

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