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FiveM Bank Robbery Guidelines

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G'day Gamers,

In addition to the FiveM rules that have been updated today surrounding bank robberies, we have also deemed it necessary to put in place a set of guidelines for bank robberies. These are the guidelines civilians and police should follow while conducting robberies to ensure a fair and fun roleplay experience. This material is not "server rules" and is just extra reading for people who wish to conduct robberies. Players who are acting outside of these guidelines repeatedly/seriously will be spoken to to improve their quality of roleplay.

  • The primary objective of police is ensuring all civilians are safe, then to retrieve stolen funds.
  • Bank robbers who have civilians held hostage can be expected to be wielding pointing weapons at them. In this situation, pointing guns alone is not necessarily aggressive. However if bank robbers were to be pointing guns and verbally threatening to hurt the hostages, this could be considered aggressive escalation.
  • Police must obtain 'proof of life' of hostages, ideally this should be done in person which hostage takers should assist to facilitate. Hostages do not have to be held at the front door of a building, they can be deep inside a building as well with negotiators entering the building to check on the hostages.
  • Having a hostage is not the ultimate bargaining chip for criminals to get any demands they want. The risk to the public of violent/aggressive offenders easily going free may be more significant than the price of risking 1 hostage's life in a breach. Police will take into account if suspects are repeat-offenders, the amount of hostages used, weaponry and the level of aggression to decide what is an acceptable risk which may decrease their leniency in negotiations.
  • Potential negotiation demands/requests: (Must be followed for the first 5 minutes of a pursuit)

- Early release of some hostages
- Reduced fines/jail sentences
- Use of police helicopters (Polair)
- Use of Spikestrips
- Types of vehicles used by either party
- Distance of police pursuit staging (free passage) (Up to max 250m)

  • Free passage means that police will stage at a set distance from the bank and suspects will be reasonably uninterrupted in leaving, getting into their vehicles and driving away from the vicinity until that distance. The use of "unimpeded" staging should not be used as it serves little practical use.
  • During negotiations, hostage takers should be willing to give & take. Always asking for "no spikes, no polair" as a requirement in all negotiations does not give the police much to use as those are significant police tools. If you want both those demands, you should be willing to give up significant other things such as certain vehicles etc.
  • If negotiations are stalled, either party should make it clear they are not happy with the current situation/demands before randomly resorting to combat.
  • Police may tactically intervene if they believe the risk to hostages is low, such as if there is a low amount of hostage takers and they have no quick means of endangering the hostage after a breach
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