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Hello again! Glad to be back.

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Hey lads! glad to see this community is still alive and well.

Hope everyone has been okay during covid season, recently went through my old clips from back in 2017-2018 days and it made me reinstall GTAV/fiveM to come play with the lads again. so if you see me around (Jaydos Reed) come say hello! or if you see me in my WRX give me a stoo, stoo, stoo

- Jaydos "The Burner" Reed.

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Welcome back!

We hope to see you back in and around the city. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #support in our OzzyGaming discord, Join our teamspeak server (ts.ozzy.life) or make an in game /report.


Dream - OzzyGaming Administrator

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