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The Polls and topic from the Podcast, If you missed it

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Here are all the polls for the podcast and topic if you missed it have your say here.

- What is the point of a ORG other then the 10 man and the cloths.

- How can we give ORG more & how can we push them through the city to give them some purpose.

- The removal of the black market.


- Gun prices and upping the price to help with economy and help give people more of a reason to VLR

- Radios and walkies talkies


- Cop been able to get taken hostages as long as there role-play behind it changes to rules

-Cross-hairs giving it to everyone, This will help with staff tickets complaining and give everyone a same playing field.


- Negotiating with police and changing the way people do it other then 150m and free passage

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Highly Agree with all of the points and polls that were spoken about on the Podcast.

Organizations should have more power and be feared by regular civilians as they wont have the same weaponry nor manpower. Also solves a lot of the tip rattery and boosts role play as it forces people to build genuine relationships before orgs will trust just any Joe blow to buy a gun from them.

A carbine rifle should run you around 100k

Radios are a super effective way to cut down on the meta gaming that goes on regularly, also makes a more enjoyable experience to play and watch. Again brings out more role play as police can pay informants for gangs/businesses/orgs radio frequencies.

The more rules servers seem to put in place the harder they seem to be for their staff members, Crosshairs have been a topic of discussion for as long as I can remember on Ozzygaming. To be honest I hated the idea of everyone having a cross hair until I played a server with a cross hair and it surprisingly doesn't make much difference, Obviously if you can spray someone down in a vehicle going 300km/r thats not exactly roleplay, so minor tweaks and fixes may need to be introduce to combat that, Such as not being able to shoot unless your in a passenger seat of a vehicle. Forcing drivers to get out to actually shoot.

Looking forward to the next podcast, heaps of other great ideas were spoken about!

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