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OzzyGaming Player Of The Year Competition!

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G'day Gamers & Merry Christmas ­ƒÄà

At OzzyGaming we love to celebrate all the major holidays around the year and Christmas is by far our favourite. In the spirit of the giving season, I am excited to today announce our search to find OzzyGaming's player of the year and we have some awesome prizes to give away in the process! There are multiple categories to be won which I'll explain below.

Job Of The Year ­ƒæÀÔÇìÔÖé´©Å

The first competition category is based on the many popular jobs on the FiveM server. We recently updated the FiveM tools leaderboards to include all XP based jobs and we're on the quest to find the best of the best in each job. It's a race to the top of each leaderboard by the end of the year to win the prizes.

The following jobs are in the running:
­ƒî│ Landscaper Of The Year (Leaderboard)

­ƒÜÜ Trucker Of The Year (Leaderboard)

­ƒÅ║ Treasure Hunter Of The Year (Leaderboard)

­ƒÄú Fisherman Of The Year (Leaderboard)

­ƒÉó Turtle Poacher Of The Year (Leaderboard)

Each job of the year winner will win the following prize pack:
- $1,000,000 in-game Cash
- A Discontinued Car
- 1 Month Queue Skip
- 1 Month OzzyGaming Platinum Subscription

The titles will be awarded to the person on top of each job leaderboard at the end of the year (as at 31/12/20 11:59PM AEDT). So a few people already have a big advantage in this one, but it's still anyone's game for each job. Happy grinding. ­ƒñÀÔÇìÔÖé´©Å

Player Of The Year ­ƒÄ«

This is the big one. This is our quest to find OzzyGamings "player of the year". This will be a fairer competition with everyone starting at the same level. It will be entirely hours based across each of the main factions. We are tracking all of the hours gained between today (6th December) and midnight AEDT 31st December (basically between now and the end of the year). The player with the most hours in each category at the end of the year will be declared the winner. The overall winner could technically win 2 categories and win double the prizes.

We are awarding winners for the following categories:

­ƒîƒ OzzyGaming Player Of The Year (total overall hours)

­ƒñÁ Civilian Of The Year

­ƒæ«ÔÇìÔÖé´©Å Police Officer Hunter Of The Year

­ƒæ¿ÔÇìÔÜò´©Å Paramedic Of The Year

You can view the competition hours leaderboard here.
(Please note the leaderboard is updated automatically every couple hours, it may involve some rounding of minutes played)

Each player of the year winner will win the following major prize pack:
$100 Gift voucher to your choice of PC Case Gear or JB HI-FI
- $1,000,000 in-game cash
- A Discontinued car
- 1 month Queue skip

*OzzyGaming Staff are not eligible for the hours based competition, however staff will be running their own hours based competition.

We will also be giving out special groups/badges to the winners of each category (including the job winners) so you can strut your stuff around the community to prove you're our biggest nerd. ­ƒñô

Good luck to everyone, Merry Christmas and happy grinding!

P.S. You'll hear more from us next week as we will be launching an advent calendar for the 12 days of Christmas with even more great prizes to be won. ­ƒÿë­ƒÄä­ƒÄà

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