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OzzyGaming Charity Fundraiser 2020 - Supporting Headspace! [NOW LIVE + IMPORTANT UPDATES]

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G'day Gamers

I'm excited to announce the charity we will be supporting for the OzzyGaming Charity Fundraiser for 2020 as chosen by you will be Headspace! You couldn't have selected a better charity in support of World Mental Health Day today the 10th October. Poll results below.


The donations are Now Live!
You can purchase the FiveM vehicle here for $15 via the webstore.
You can also donate any extra cash you wish towards our $3000 donation goal. (This donation box is visible on most web pages across the site)
we recommend donating directly to headspace if you wish to make a large contribution in order to receive a deductible gift certificate that you can claim on tax.

I quickly need to inform you of some important financial/legal details associated with this fundraiser. PLEASE READ.

- OzzyGaming is not affiliated nor endorsed by Headspace and is running this campaign based on the community decision to support this charity during the 2020 fundraiser.

- AMENDMENT TO PREVIOUS ANNOUNCEMENT - OzzyGaming is not authorised to provide Deductible Gift Receipts (DGR) (This requires various applications and wait times which we were not prepared for as we previously hoped we could provide.) This means donations through our platform can not be deducted for tax purposes. As such, we recommend donating directly to headspace if you wish to make a large contribution in order to receive a deductible gift certificate that you can claim on tax. Should you make a large personal donation directly to Headspace, please contact Zaydan and this can be added onto our goal tracker on the website.

- All Donations are subject to Paypal fees outside of OzzyGamings control.

- Donations via the Charity FiveM vehicle are subject to 10% GST. (Despite being a fundraising event, legally in Australia we are required to collect GST on all sales when we are giving you a vehicle in return, despite where the money goes to such as in a charity fundraiser.) All other cash donations are not subject to GST.

- All Proceeds from this donation campaign will be donated in bulk directly to HeadSpace as a community donation. OzzyGaming will not keep/receive any commission or admin fees as part of this charity fundraiser. To clarify, Paypal Fees and GST (where applicable) will not be passed on as this money is lost during the donation process.

- At the end of the donation campaign, OzzyGaming will also be making an additional contribution from the communities funds to top up the donations and cover some of the money lost to PayPal fees.


I apologise for any inconvenience or incorrect statements made in our previous announcement, such as that we would be able to provide deductible gift receipts. We are just a bunch of gamers trying to support a great cause, however during the week we have had to study the law regarding this and therefore need to do the right thing here. Australia has a lot of laws/regulations around this that we need to try our best to understand and follow. Again, I hope you can all understand.

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