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Overall Vehicle Speed

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I know this may be a long haul, however, I have had a few thoughts with overall vehicle speed being increases, although this task will be highly difficult for our executive and development team, I have opened this topic for thoughts and discussion on whether or not it is worth the time.

I had a thought that, there are some vehicles on the server that have a high speed and some that have a low speed, this also varies on the price range of the vehicle, however, what if all vehicles were to be increased/decreased in speed? The slow vehicles would be increased/decreased to faster vehicles/slower vehicle and the fast vehicles would be increased/decreased to faster/slower vehicles.

I wanted to get opinions on which side would make more sense: Increase or Decrease?

If all vehicles are decreased, pursuits would be slower, causing less accidents/casualties, casual driving would be decreased in speed so that tiprats/speed freaks have a lower crash rate, causing less abandoned vehicles on the side of the road (deducting extreme use of resources).

On the other hand, if the vehicles were increased, pursuits would be faster, end quicker (resulting in more possible MVA related casualties)...

Let me know what you think?

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