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  1. Welcome man, I have been on the server for ever a year and so far its been the best experience I have had, if you need any help just ask in the discord, good tip is that make a character that stands out from the rest and maybe come up with a cool backstory with it as well, hope you enjoy your stay on OG.
  2. its a bug if you click INV and esc at the same time you get stuck, staff know about the issue and I am sure they are going to fix it and that's why we have restarts as well to stop the server from having "fluffy pockets" or crashes
  3. Hi everyone my in-game name is John Doe, I used to play Ozzygaming under the name Vlad Klashnicov but now I am back, I know a lot has changed since I have played 5 months ago, care to tell me what's going on now?
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