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  1. Everything i apply for gets denied, this is racist mate

    1. ShawtyShifty


      Lol, unlucky man.

  2. Its not the adverting its the guns. They are not easy to get in australia, and if they are, go get one then.
  3. yeah but it isnt a everyday thing to get a gun. in fivem a todler could get a gun its so easy, just walk down the street, in real life you need to know how to do get the black market links.
  4. It is ridiculous how many times i have been killed and/or robbed in the fiveM servers. All you have to do to get a gun is pay 3k for a license and 10k for a pistol. It is not that easy to get a gun in Australia, you can get guns in Australia but it is hard to get them. Most people that have guns in Australia are Farmers, police and Security. To get a gun in fiveM i think that they should have to go through a test to get a license with a admin or a cop and have rules set like they have to advert before robbing. And when they get to buy the gun they should then pay 20k or more for a gun. If they violate the rules when using a gun (RDM or so on) they should get the license revoked and a 10k (or some big amount) fine and maybe a warn (3 warns=a suspension sort of thing maybe. My mate has been robbed 3 times for all of his hard work and i think that this needs to be stopped. RP is not fun when you get robbed 24/7. (ALL GUNS ARE INCLUDED)