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  1. Tawtis's Court Booking Application ID #7437 Submitted on 11/23/20 at 05:59:05 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name fenna, pimpin chimp ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Rocky Bisector, Pedro Sanchez ---------------------- Defendant Name N/A ---------------------- Claim We hereby give the courts and the state of New South Wales notice that a marriage is intended to be solemnised between Rocky Bistector and Pedro Sanchez, within 3 days of the court's approval of this document. Pedro Sanchez, age 21, resides in Eclipse Towers, self-employed
  2. I get the idea, but I think it would be more suitable to possibly have some more rules put out against it? Maybe only for stuff that is super relevant to what they're doing? We just need to stop people from whining in it instead of going to HD. Edit: -1 from me
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