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  1. Sounds like a great update. Let's just hope the Organ stuff doesn't turn into some tiprat fiasco of 'kill and take your organs' as a career.
  2. I personally don't do trucking but have seen the constant string of broken down trucks. Repair or option to despawn it if it breaks down would be great, ideally they should message a mechanic shop to come and but we know many don't have the patience. At least if they have an option to have a 'Trucking Repairkit' that it only can be used on the work trucks and clears their current job if they use it.
  3. Leaning more towards a no. Yes, OOC can feel like you might catch a disease from it but it is often used for actual questions that need answers which might not be at the level for a HD visit but urgent/important enough that it is ideal to have it answered sooner rather than later. Yes, discord exists, but genuine questions on things can sometimes take ages to be answered, which isn't the end of the world but that's when OOC in-game can help, especially to help give new players an understanding even after reading the rules. Just immediately mute those actually using OOC incorrectly and m
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