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  1. Vanilla Unicorn

    The decision to transfer a business is not one the current owner can make. All they may do is give up the business. The decision on what to do with it after that point goes back to the staff team.
  2. Fond memories of halo...did all the later titles make it to PC? A little underwhelemed by the graphics/animation of the trailer, being a 2018/19 title.
  3. For great RP, sure. On the flipside, if existing mechanics wanted that work, they had access to it currently by hitting the road in tow trucks, which they aren't doing enough it seems. Hmmmm.
  4. I've got 1100 hours in ark. I used to run an ark server. Fuck Ark. That said, fuck *vanilla* ark. With mods and the right balance, it can be very interesting. I will be the first to don a MAKE ARK GREAT AGAIN hat and rally for it's cause. Ark has gone massively south of what it was, and there's a *lot* in the game that's useless to "winning" now. It's massively unoptimised. Most of the game breaking bugs (like falling through the map, dino's vanishing, etc) are *still* a big issue. I gave up on it when those cheeky fucks released paid DLC when the main game was like 50% polished, and unreleased from beta, then "released" it with many promised features unfinished (DX12 support, anyone?). Bases that turn into a 5fps laggy mess once they get to any decent size, and now retarded turret limits that means you can't defend them anyway. The list goes on. Then ark server transfers. What's that? The other tribe is raping you with Wyverns? Pay for DLC, grind again on a different server, then you can bring one over, peasant. how about no, wildcard, fuck off, and go fuck yourself? Yes. I'm bitter. If I was to get back into it, it'd probably be a creative PVE environment. That or a *no flyers* ark. Or flyers with little to no weight carry ability. The early-game ark without flyers makes the map feel so much bigger, you have to plan your mining/trade trips, tame bigger dinos to act as storage for trade convoys, then protect those convoys. Removes big tribe quetzl farming domination, makes scouting out in combat harder, all that jazz. Literally totally transforms the game IMHO, and I've seen such few servers with it set.
  5. Sea of Thieves...

    Not a chance at $100. Apparently it's a fairly grindy, high "travel" type thing. Graphics aren't AAA enough to justify the price gap over the novelty value.
  6. Yeah, but you try going to the local 7/11 with one.
  7. Also of note, long rifles are very illegal in general in Aus, so if you're seen carrying one there's a high chance you become a very high priority target for police. Open carry isn't really a thing here. It would force players to stash them in vehicles or risk being stopped and charged....as per real life. On the flip side, SOG police could have faster access to a higher power weapon, or a sniper rifle, etc in a more realistic manner. +1
  8. Hi crew. Just a suggestion. I'm seeing a lot of mechanics rocking up to jobs in backpacks and thongs, and magically impounding vehicles. I'm getting reports of mechanics doing ride-alongs (or working two jobs) and simply constantly repairing mates cars when ultra-speed hoon sessions go wrong, or jumping out and fixing their own totalled cars, and continuing on. May I make a suggestion. As per other servers, and other jobs on this server, forbid mechanics from performing any duties unless in uniform, and with a flatbed. I'm also seeing mechanics refuse police impounds if they know the owner, etc etc. In general I feel the mechanic RP is not being taken at all seriously and "shatters the illusion" that every other role works hard to provide. I cannot see why mechanics get free reign where Police/Ambo/Pilots do not, or indeed face firing/suspension for doing so, and I feel it's causing a lot of RP/gameplay/trolling issues. Regards.
  9. If you have GTA on steam, verify its game cache. Reinstall five m. Delete the FiveM cache.