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  1. Executive Protection Service This is the Official Application Template for the Executive Protection Service, Please fill out all questions to the best of your ability. - In Game Name: Logan Paul - Steam Name: Joshuaaa [ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198283568737/ ] - Discord Name: Joshuaaa#1699 (In Character Questions) - How long have you been on the Island? 5 Months Or so - Tell us about yourself and what you usually do on the Island (previous jobs etc.); My cousins a Police Officer and i help him out a bit and i usually just drive around looking for jobs - Why do you believe you are suitable for a job in the Executive Protection Service?: Because I was a police officer and i can deescalate situation - Do you understand that at certain times in this line of work that your life may be on the line?: Yes to the full extent - Do you agree to wear a Uniform?: Yes i understand - Should your application be successful, Do you agree to participate in a training session to see if you are suitable for this line of work?: Yes Thank you for expressing your interest to work for the Executive Protection Service.
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