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  1. Mr_Jones - Kermiits's Magistrate Application -------------------- OOC Contact Info Discord: Kermiits#5195 Steam: Kermiits -------------------- Character Name Jefree Star -------------------- Criminal Record (N if none) N -------------------- Why do you wish to become a magistrate? I wish to become a Magistrate as I want a new career, becoming a Magistrate would be a great new career for myself. In High School I took a subject called "Legal and Justice Studies." So I do have a decent understanding of Law in Australia. Being a Magistrate would also be quite an exciting job as I would get to meet more people, and deal with civil matters or other legal matters. -------------------- What do you think the role of a Magistrate is? The role of a Magistrate is to deal with conflict within society. Whether this is between two groups of people in a civil matter or dealing with theft of intellectual property or even slanderous claims. Other jobs of a Magistrate is to deal with offences committed by members of the public. Not all offences are presented to a Magistrate some having to be dealt with the Supreme court. A Magistrate would typically deal with summary offences (not too serious) but some Indictable offences (serious offenses). A dictation on whether or not a Magistrate deals with a certain matter is the jail sentence and the fine amount. Overall a Magistrates roll is to differentiate between the guilty and the not guilty and to choose a sentence if necessary.
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