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  1. Are you fit? Been looking to get paid to exercise? Maybe you have put on a few festive kilos and think it's time to put that pudding down!!! Well look no further!!! The Lottery Co has a free event this weekend just for you!!! "The Lottery Co Human Horse Race!" You must be thinking WTF has John Wick and his fantastic team dreamed up now!!! Well here we are! Let me explain in detail... We will be hosting a 2 lap race on the race track behind the old casino! What are the rules you ask? Anyone can enter, this is a free event! #1 - You must be wearing a horse mask! #2 - You must be dressed appropriately (no nudes) #3 - You CANNOT use weapons / vehicles or SHIFT L during the race! INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION #4 - There will be a 1st 2nd and 3rd cash prize! $750,000 FOR FIRST $500,000 FOR SECOND $250,000 FOR THIRD #5 - Any physical harm eg: punching pushing / kicking / shooting will result in instant disqualification and police charges. #6 - This is a family event keep your personal feelings to yourself and let's have some fun! Also ALL participants of the event after flashing there ID to a Lottery Co employee will be given a number and will enter a FREE $250,000 Participation Lottery Keep your eye on the announcement page as more information will be coming. And as always play responsibly. https://discord.gg/APjb7rt Now what we need from the event management team: So they all thought it would be an easy run around the track! How wrong they were! We are planning on using the GREEN INNER ring of the track and a start line in front of the stage. We are going to need some cars spawned around the track as obstacles / some barriers / bollards and all sorts of objects to slow them down. At each corner or section of the track will will encompass different racing obstructions. We were hoping the commissioner would grant us the use of some police units / off duty officers for the home straight as to use there battens on the participants to slow and stun the participants. We would also like some extra people on the track on another corner or area to flex there SHIFT L (unlocked) as to slow them down even further! We will also need a flare gun to start the race, once the flare hits the ground the race commences. If this is at all possible please let me know. Kind Regards John Wick
  2. Fantastic Work Guys! Thanks for putting in the hours!
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