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  1. Reinstall ; Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 Let me know how that goes mate.
  2. Glad to help mate. Serbastin Taxarion , CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated , Senior Partner for PIER 400 ingame. Feel free to drop by Monday for our Dry open mate.
  3. First Step 1. Backup Your Windows You Delete Any Registry Keys The first thing you should always do when you delete or edit something in the Windows Registry is making a backup of it. You can do this the following way: Click on the Start button in the left corner of your Windows screen Type regedit in the command line(if you don't see the command line click on Run) Click on File in the top toolbar in the Registry Editor window that pops up and select Export Now save a backup file of the Windows Registry to your harddisk , ie: Desktop Folder(call it BackUpRegKeys) Step 2. How To Delete Registry Keys Follow the first 2 steps of "Making a Backup Of Windows Registry Before Deleting" Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER to delete registry keys for your own Windows user account Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for deleting registry keys which affect all users on your computer Click on the Software folder to delete registry keys for programs Find the program(s) you want to delete the registry keys for Right-click on the folder of the program you want to remove the registry for and click Delete If you want to delete specific registry keys of a program, click on the folder of the program, right click on the specific registry key and click Delete Close the Registry Editor and restart your PC to see the changes take effect Step 3. Finally - do the following. Write in the search box the following: “%appdata%” . After the search is finished left click or tap on the folder that the search feature found. If it takes you to the following path: “C:\Users\The user that you are logged in with\AppData\Roaming”. It means that your folders are still there but they are hidden. Click on “View”. Check the box “Hidden items” Step 4. Ok i lied there is another step Write in the search box the following: “%appdata%” . After the search is finished left click or tap on the folder that the search feature found. open up %Appdata% and find your fivem folder. Delete the entire folder NOW YOU CAN REINSTALL FIVE M. Since the registry key has been removed. And the core files are gone. You should be ok.
  4. are you available to talk with on discord. I may have a solution for you.
  5. Hey mate

    Available for discord if you want a brief run down on how we are running it all

    1. Shekinah


      I love the idea everything was written out perfectly its amazing tbh, main thing i want to know is when you're hiring because I'd be interested in working for you. 
      I have previous experience as a mechanic / manager at Bennys Original Motorworks.

    2. STALKER


      Whats your age mate?

      Over 18 or under?

  6. You have nice hair.
    I saw it yesterday, and thought to myself, dam that guy has great hair.

    The sort of hair that glistens in the sun light. The sort of glistening that draws a crowd of onlookers.
    Those onlookers would take videos and photos on smart phones and start a viral sensation of the boy who had hair.
    Beautiful hair. Like a girl. A beautiful lady girl.

    Faggot :)


    1. Spaites - AKA Bruce

      Spaites - AKA Bruce

      Just because you're bald, you old cunt.

  7. Read your Legal system post.


    Zipties, Blindfolds and Gags ;)


    I like your mindset mate :)


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