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  1. I agree, 16 cops give 0 chance of the crims getting away. Especially with the ridiculously overpowered helicopter in the sky
  2. I have no clue what you mean.
  3. Can you use readable grammar, reading this gave me a seizure.
  4. Speed isn't everything... It's the same in real life. Just because a car is a million dollars more, doesn't mean it'll be quicker
  5. #RalphForCommisoner but Gl to everyone else <3 I look forward to probably getting pulled over by you
  6. I didn't know the guy, But nonetheless it is always sad when someone passes so I pass my kindest regards over to this mans friends and family.
  7. If anyone else but Ralph wins this I riot
  8. I think they're needs to be a Character Switch Point in Paleto and maybe another in Sandy or the City. It is just annoying having to drive all the way to the airport. It would be cool to keep some more roleplay in Paleto or Sandy. I also think you need to be able to create a 3rd Character. Just an Idea because I want to be able to have a criminal character, and ems character and maybe a journalist or just a casual Civ character. Just some ideas I have gathered over the last couple days Thanks Jamisonlaw
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