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  1. Happy to be apart of the team 

  2. so who wants to buy my whole garage?
  3. Looking to buy a Supra RZ, dont care if its maxed or stock. IGN - Mike Corona Steam - Winfield
  4. IGN: Mike Corona Steam: Winfield Cars For Sale: (all maxed) Silvia S14 Silvia S15 2015 Mustang Lamborghini Land Cruiser VFSS Looking For: (preferably maxed) Mitsubishi Evo Mercedes (the widebody one) Feel free to send me any offers or trades, i will not be giving out prices just tell me what you will pay and we will go from there ps i will trade for other cars even if they arent in my looking for list
  5. come to think of it, a car for car trade would be even as these vehicles are extremly rare and worth the same amount cost price wise, also the mclaren has all body mods now
  6. The vehicles textures are a bit funky although thats why it is chrome cause you cant notice it, its also worth the same amount from the dealership and is no longer sold, i believe there is less than 5 on the server and it is really unique, they are also fixing the textures
  7. Will you trade? i have a super rare mclaren, has the classic butterfly doors with the race interior, i will also throw in 500k cash
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