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  3. Yea everything needs to be brought down to GTA V Vehicle speeds. A GTA V Hyper car goes max 240 with upgrades... a HYPERCAR... All these other cars need to be downgraded to slower than that lols.
  4. That's the thing bud, the people that I roleplay with we never have that issue. Not blaming you for what is happening to you, just stating the fact that it could be the things you're doing that may or may not be lining you up with those types of players. I 100% agree there is a problem with the quality of roleplay that is going on though there is nothing else to boost their way of roleplay as there is nothing more to gain or lose other than money to buy vehicles.
  5. I acknowledged that RDM happens. Personally I don't find it to be an issue and it hasn't happened to me in quite some time. I'm just sharing my experience on the server, the title of this thread is "Honest opinion of the server" after all. It takes some real shallow thinking to believe an issue like that can be simplified to a sentence like this.
  6. It's always a bad look when the staff blames a players poor experiences on a server on them, it's almost like blaming a victim of a crime for the crime happening. Not a good look, bud. And I never said guns were an issue, they aren't. The issue is having a playerbase saturated with low-quality roleplayers that think everything needs to be resolved by pulling out a 'strap'. Take real life America as an example, guns aren't the main issue with crime, it's the people using the guns, the low IQ minorities creating a majority of the issues. You acknowledge RDM is an issue at the start then return to blaming me for my experience using the Ozzy Gaming service, what even? That's a horrible mindset to be running with. And again, guns aren't an issue, it's the people using them.
  7. I do not find this to be the case. I haven't been rdm'd in quite some time, and I rarely get into firefights. I usually don't even carry a gun. I get a lot of great roleplay from police/ems/civilians. I don't know your character, but people with original/interesting characters seem to get better RP out of people, essentially if you give good RP people are more inclined to make an effort and give you good RP back. Obviously its a public server and there are always going to be people who RP poorly, but you just gotta deal with it. This so much. Find people you enjoy RP'ing with, get their in-game phone numbers and RP with them. I rarely find myself without decent RPers to play with. I do think the general RP on the server could be improved by making weapons less accessible. The biggest issue on this server (for me) is how quickly certain people break character when things aren't going their way, instead of just RP'ing through the situation. If you think someones broken a rule do a /report, jump in helpdesk. Don't break character and end the RP situation, this ruins other peoples fun. DON'T BREAK CHARACTER UNLESS A STAFF MEMBER ASKS YOU TO!
  8. Introduction

    ^ if he doesn't ill ban him personally.. PERMA
  9. i get the comments about sometimes your not paying for speed which is true but IRL half the time you buying a car for whats under the hood alot of the cars mentioned above are super cars or hypecars that are alot faster then they are in game currently i think either the price or speed needs to be looked at for some vechiles
  10. Exactly why i think all cars should be balanced to gtao vehicles
  11. Eh, going 240 with a car like that isn't very 'monstrous'. If they balanced every car in the game to what they should be IRL, and 240 was considered fast, then yes I can understand. But if the P.D has an XR6 G.D car that goes the same speed, it's not very nice on the persons bank account.
  12. And it is a monster in game too. I honestly wish they woild slow everything down to gtao speeds. Makes more sense
  13. PC Builds

    I have a 1070 8gb, with a water cooled i5 6600k and 16 gb of ram. Custom built for me, so i'm not too sure on the details of said pieces, but it runs like a beast. I know the basics, so what's good and what's not.
  14. But you also buy a car for its V12 6.3 litre engine do you not? Hence why people want it to be fast, which in hindsight makes a lot of sense seeing as it is a monster IRL.
  15. Welcome good sir. Remember, read the rules and there won't be any trouble Glad to hear someone is a genuine paramedic, might bring some good RP.
  16. Last week
  17. PC Builds

    Hey Everyone Just thought I'd start a post to see if there is any pc enthusiasts out their that would like to share their build (pics, parts etc) also to discuss anything tech related or build related ? I have been building for just over 5 years from basic builds to custom so love discussing builds and tech pc related with people new to it or seasoned like myself, cheers
  18. Hello Everyone My name is Andrew ( Grimm ) I'm new to this community, I have been into gaming since I was as young as I can remember and have played in multiple role play communities over the years mainly in ARMA 1- 3. A little of my professional life I'm a paramedic currently studying further into critical care and also work in two other community based organisations. In my spare time which doesn't happen to often I build custom pc's from basic builds to custom water loops, its something I enjoy and have been doing for just over 5 years. I look forward to gaming with everyone, Cheers
  19. Honestly guys, you're not paying for how fast a car goes. What you're paying for is bragging rights. You're paying for the looks. You're paying for the modifications. You dont buy a ferrari in Australia for how fast it goes you buy it because it turns heads and you get to show off your ego and be like yea i own a ferrari...
  20. You're obviously role-playing with the wrong people bud. But i do agree guns are a major issuw
  21. Lack of genuine Roleplay killed the server for me. You can't interact with anyone on the server without some XXX Tentacion wannabe pulling a gun and putting on a very poorly done African-American accent while trying to rob you because, "Yeah, my nigga, dis a strap, gimme yo stacks.". I only had a handful of quality interactions but most of the time it devolves into a firefight or you get blatantly RDM'd. Metagaming is a huge issue too, I defended myself against someone and then via OOC he started spamming, "I was killed by a guy wearing ____, in a ____ car!", it's just stupid. And for some reason voice chat doesn't always work either, I haven't found another server that has that issue but it's ducking annoying.
  22. Server events often occur every 1-2 weeks, some of the events are really really interesting as well. If you want to interact with people, people tend to be at Beekers, Legion square, outside mission row PD. Robberies happen quite often as well and it's quite fun if you're playing against or as the robbers. In the police force, you can work your way up your rank and make a lot of friends in the police force, I'd say if you're not that kind to grind for cars, don't go for landscaping because landscaping is all about the grind. Speaking about events, there was recently an auction event which went pretty well I'd say, and the event was not empty as well, there were at least 30-40 people attending the event. Although my fav event is probably the all ozzy adventure, basically you don't earn anything in this event it's all for the fun, you'll be driving around with a group in an off-road vehicle and going up the mountains and down and up and down and cross the river and shit. It's basically just an adventure with other people on this server. So if you'd like to play the "fun part of the server" I'd say play two characters, one as an officer and the other one as a criminal, as you play throughout the server, you'd find a lot of people looking for a gang as well, so be sure to give them a chat and ask if they want to hang around and you'll probably find yourself a gang in no time.
  23. Some of the hypercars/supercars should be faster than most of the cars on the server. LAFerrari should be getting a top speed of 349km/h or around that. Not stopping around 250km/h.
  24. So, i am curious what everyone's opinion on this server is? i have come from another server which i lost a lot of interest in as it was pretty much just grinding for cars. no other interesting events happened and the criminal activity was pretty much non existent. Please let me know what you think of this server
  25. Thanks MrMagic, I'll check over those ^-^ Also Howdy J-Dub!
  26. Hi! Unfortunately that's how GTA have built the vehicle, our only option would be to remove the feature completely. I will raise this with our Management team to discuss further.
  27. Servers

    Our servers are opened/closed on demand. Please keep an eye on the right hand side of the website for active servers, you can join directly from there.
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