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  2. It’s happened I don’t want to claim credit but....
  3. Axe

    WiZz - Ben Timely

    Join me I'll show you a whole new world
  4. i missed you big man been ages hows the kids?
  5. dont go over 200km/h or you will fall through the map
  6. just stay out of legion!! texture loss.. is a butch..
  7. Seems to be about what I'd expect for a graphics mod of it's caliber. If you want absolutely the best than it's still your best bet, others may be better for performance.
  8. There have been mixed reports stating that NVE has caused a drop in frames but for others a slight increase. My experience with it, I went from 50fps down to [email protected] Disappointment
  9. Yesterday
  10. Im running an i7-4770, GTX 1080, 24GB RAM. The only occasionaly thing I get is texture loss but apart from that I dont notice anything less then 60fps which matches my screen refresh rate anyway.
  11. I have not noticed a significant impact to frames. Mine, inside and outside of the city, have only dropped below 60 a couple of times while I have been on the server (and I've been on for several hours now). There are a few "desync" issues where the server is freezing for a few seconds, however I have already made fixes to these in the soon™ to be released update. For reference, I'm only running on a i7 4770k, GTX 970 and 16GB of RAM.
  12. My system could do with an upgrade I'm only running a 1070 32GB Ram with i7 6700k, What's everyone else computer set up and frames? Curious to know everyone else experience with Ozzy ATM? Performance wise after the player increase to 180. ( Desync/performance ? ) Gonna be upgrading to a new CPU soon etc.. curious to get some feed back from other people and there set ups..
  13. Last week
  14. i think i am a subscriber

  15. Welcome Back Wizz! Hope your stay is welcoming and fulfilling!
  16. Hi there, Joining the community once again. Was a part of the EMS back in 2018 and decided it was time to join the community once again. I enjoy RP and playing various roles throughout the server. Currently back on the EMS and also looking for honest work in the civilian world. I would love to work as a mechanic so if any business has openings please throw me a message. I look forward to meeting many of you and also catching up with some I knew. Regards, WiZz
  17. Assuming the new version will support FiveM i'd be looking at NVE myself, you literally can't get any better than the photo realistic graphics in that mod.
  18. Zaydan

    Hey all

    Welcome to the community. if you have any questions you can ask them here, on our discord or via teamspeak support.
  19. Hey mate, Find some friends and work out how to do it in RP
  20. Welcome back bud, Hope to see you round!
  21. Welcome back max see you out on the ambulance duties
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