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  2. Hi I am Havoxa. I am sure many of you have had the pleasure (depends who you ask) of meeting me. I have been in the community for roughly 3-4 months now and loving every minute of it. I am also part of the staffing team here and i love working at making this community the best i can. My channel is always open to you all so feel free to have a chat at any time. Havoxa
  3. Forming a organization need a +1
  4. No clue who this is, bye have and good one 😆
  5. yea i got 1 tapped the other day when a guy was on a bike and i was in a car xd
  6. ok see you next week X
  8. Oh damn, Pro stepping down. Good luck to all that apply for owner.
  9. I know this is a little late but here we go. Hello My Name is James, I live in Melbourne Victoria, I currently am studying Banking and Finance and I also work at a family business we own, it’s a Retail Business, but just mainly focusing on my study’s and gonna continue banking a finance, ill see how I go I guess. Well thats about my life, thank you for the time for reading this.
  10. Disable recitals for all people
  11. Hey Guys I Stream Here www.twitch.tv/MrHughW

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  13. As a firearm owner, no crosshairs should be used at all, cops I understand with the training. But no way anyone in real life is going to be hitting shots people will now be able to hit consistently.
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