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  1. it's all fuckign @Bailey P.'s fault
  2. Welcome back, you're a lovely individual who I would make great love to. Regards, Sergeant Dutton Kavala Highway Patrol Altis Police Force
  3. Meh, that's pretty spicy. Nfi who you are tho, unless you changed your name lol
  4. Are you virgin ? danks king regrots, b0tton
  5. send bob and vegene pics
  6. Long time no see - you're probably still a squeaker and my aim has not improved. Also throwback to not having a 21:9 monitor and when I had an avocado for a computer. Kind regrats Dotton
  7. Are you that much of a spastic that you think the name P R E A T O R I A N is weird because it has spaces between the letters because @P R A E T O R I A N enjoys being a fuckwit and having spaces between his name? kind regardS, button