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  1. Thanks guys, I'll have a read and send in my application.
  2. Hey guys! Keen to be part of the team, and submit an application, but i noticed it says to read the police protocols for the questions. Is this the same document under altis life? As it's the only police protocol document i could really find. Thanks in advance!, Ben
  3. Any updates on house prices as they don't appear? Also can you store personal vehicles at the house once bought or rented?
  4. Pmc? @Yoilon what is that sorry mate?
  5. Hey there! Would like an opportunity to express an application in looking into the FIB for a business and to be chief of FIB. The interior came in the game missions so shouldn't be too hard to open up the building, and I'd like to have the FIB uniform implimented also, or suits etc The job itself, could entail going to different markers in an effort to rp visiting peoples houses for interviews, and even a marker at random coffee shops, the court house, and police stations, to simulate gathering evidence etc for federal cases. As such the spawn car could be an FIB buffalo, and could have lights, but being a 'federal' position, the FIB leaves all matters to police as we are focusing on national cases. Players would not need to stop etc for FIB as i don't want to interfere with the police, but being FIB maybe even allow if there is a scene and police are down in numbers, they can ask for a hand if needed E.g help traffic control etc, keep an eye on the police cars if the police have taken off on foot etc. They could also join teamspeak to enhance the rp as the fib would hear the police chatter. This would make a good white collar job and open up some more rp thats on the side of law abiding. Thoughts? Future FIB chief : Ben Walker
  6. No dramas at all Boss, i'll keep an ear out if it does! Also, in terms of the bikers, is there a way to create a unique gang or are there already registered biker gangs in the server? Thanks in advance! Ben
  7. Hi there, I'd like to be the boss of this company please. It was named after me when i joined the Server haha but would like to get an actual business model down at the docks running the various trucking routes. If possible I'd like to recruit bikers, kind of like the lost mc, and haul for jobs, then ride around and chill as a bike gang. it could have a front to wash laundry and run drugs around also to help out with people chasing dirty money washing. Could also add down in there a garage eventually or a area that keeps vehicles, that the bikes can be stored in or all in a line out the front while were trucking around. Thanks in advance! Ben