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  1. Matrix

    oh god not this guy JK
  2. it a joke claim down as there Italian but we call them Russians cause they get mad over it funny
  3. The Nines Mafia Backstory At a young age Jimmie sims family was kidnapped and abused by a deep underground organization. Determined to uncover his family's history and reasoning behind the tragic event he decided to join the police force. Jimmie new partner, Officer lucifer (lucifer Morningstar) immediately hit it off with Jimmie as both of their histories are seemingly intertwined. Lucifer Morningstar never knew his parents and was taken in by his aunt and uncle. Jones's Uncle was never a law-abiding citizen, constantly getting in feuds with gang members and returning home with cuts, bruises and empty promises of safety. He always said that Morningstar' father screwed him over by involving him with an underground organization. Sadly, Uncle Jones was brutally murdered and put on display a couple months later. Still Not knowing what ever happened to Lucifer Morningstar' parents he decided to join the police force. Jimmie sims and Lucifer Morningstar spent Days and Nights tracking down the Underground gang that are involved within their past. They Tracked down one of the organizations meetups and decided to go in alone, Rookie mistake. it quickly ended in a shootout and Lucifer got heavily injured. Jimmie dragged Lucifer into cover and bunkered up and waited for backup. managed to blow out one gang members leg and the others quickly reacted to the sounds of police sirens and bailed leaving the member behind. Backup arrived and took the member into custody while Officer Morningstar was taken to the hospital. He was In the Hospital for 2 months with Jimmie at his side the whole time Lucifer Morningstar woke up to receive the knows that the hard work and long hours put into tracking down this meeting was a waste. The member was let go. there wasn't enough evidence to jail him. The only information they got was the Organizations Name. 'Lunatix MC' Both Jimmie and lucifer enraged by the lack of justice in the police force decided to leave and continued to track down this gang. However, they had no resources and had no place of operation so they decided to make their own underground business. They took up any work that came their way, Hostage situations, Bodyguards even tracking down criminals with bounties. They no longer had morals and Principles. all they cared about was growing their business and tracking down and shutting down the organization that ruined their family. Over the years their business grew and They took on more members. No longer needed in their hometown 'Vice City' they took their business elsewhere, to Los Santos, The supposed HQ of Lunatix MC. It seemed Los Santos had a lack of loyal police and police corruption was incredibly high. It wasn't before citizens grew tired of the police's shenanigans and decided to entrust their problems into the Nines mafia gang. Still taking on any business opportunities that came their way, they were one step closer to finding out their Family Backstories. They ended up offering Michael couple of millions for his house. Jimmie and lucifer have save up all their money in their vault inside their new house and saved up enough to open their own store they decided to open up their own jewel store. They went on to opening their own business at jewel shop in Los Santos Jimmie sims entrusted lucifer with running of the business and underground money ring (cleaning dirty money) they went on to getting into trouble with Russian mafia they run half of Los Santos but lucifer's works out a duel to paid them 100k on Sundays nights. The Nines Rank Boss/Godfather-Jimmie Sims Underboss-Lucifer Morningstar LT- Dylan low,Declan Appleby Soldiers - Redwin South,Unikal Jobs we will undertake Contracted Kills ($30000-$150000) We Will take out thorns in your side (price varies due to importance of Victim) Personal Bodyguards ($9000 per RP, per Bodyguard) Will Protect you with our lives in any circumstances (3/4 Repayment on failure of protection) (If Bodyguard is murdered an embursement of $5000 is required unless VIP was murdered aswell) Drug Trafficking (small shipment 50< $10000, Medium >50, 300< $25000-$50000, Large 300> $75000) We will ensure safety of your cargo (3/4 repayment on failure of ensuring cargo's safety) Hostage Situations ($5000-$25000) Goes Hand in hand with intel gathering, we will kidnap your chosen target after that he is all yours unless you wish for us to gather intel from the victim (price varies die to importance of Victim) 'Laundrymat' (1/8 of profits) We clean 'Dirty Laundry' 10% of the profit
  4. Chaos

    hey my name Andrew ingame I go by name chaos I usually a criminal but trying to apply for ems. I'm wanting to start up a organisation. hope do some role-play with you soon. glad meet you all