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  2. I think it would be cool if both dealers had some key cars they had advertised in a post on the forums. could be specials ect.... like I could lower the cost price for 2-3 days for certain cars
  3. I just plan to supply all the weapons in one area. However, I also plan on providing armour vehicles to the public. They will not be cheap, but the armoured vehicles will not have bullet proof windows. But I am more than sure that you admins alter the amount of bullets takes to destroy the engine on each of the vehicles. If you want some further information in regards to ammunation, can you please come speak to me in the Southside Ts.
  4. The Silence is deafening.
  5. Hey, you'll get no argument from me on the flying car. But that's not what we are discussing here.
  6. Approved Sorry, Calweld but are we allowed to do the deal in the game and post the details in the market area for action as well as adds?
  7. In a perfect world sure. it takes about 30 seconds to verify the transaction and change the steamID on the car. so we cool.
  8. Agreed, that's why i said bring your car down, i cant even post pictures in this website. This would allow for so much RP. and allow for much different pricing strategy on new vehicles. ill edit my last post
  9. I wasn’t having a crack, It’s an interesting concept but I think it should all be transactable in game somehow, rather than using the forums and admins
  10. I think to leave the blip, as people might not want your car at all, and so you may still need a place to get rid of it. Not sure what you mean by cost price id love to meet this dealer you keep referring to that sells cost price cars, man, I would buy from him over you and I. In the meantime, Twilight Autos might be interested in your vehicle, so put up an add or bring your vehicle down to the dealership for a quote.
  11. Since when did the Australia Public have access to a flying car? My goal is to keep role-play by ensure that the vehicles would be at a high price to make sure they are limited. It is the polices choice if the want to make those cars illegal, for role-play. However, weaponry like RPG's will go as high as 500k or even more, but I plan to sell the most lethal weapons secretively, out of sight from the police. Pistols would be the easiest to obtain for the public. Also want to sell ammunition to the customers to the customers. The stromberg, is also a nice example of what we would also like to sell at ammunation. We want the store to be like the car dealerships, but with weapons and armoured/high tech vehicles.
  12. i can speak spanish and have visited mexico so i can allow for a spanish twist on cars i know alot about the gta cars and that i can give people what they want i can be on almost everyday to allow other works to do other things shot lennox johnson
  13. have good knowledge of cars in gta and can bring my own twist on the types of things i can do will ask customers what they want from head to toe and i am a high quality mechanic with many hours as a repairman on a island called Altis Life and have repaired and customised many cars and i also speak spanish irl so i can give a mexican or spanish twist on cars thank you Lennox Johnson
  14. Good point! those prices you may have seen on my application were for the licenses, if a customer wishes to buy a sniper rifle they would need a licenses before purchasing the weapon. A sniper would be costly possibly around 100-300k.
  15. Hello, My name is John Smith 22 Years old and unemployed I popped in yesterday and visited the owner executive of the store and was asking for a job he suggested me to this website and here i am applying. I have experience in Modifying Cars and how the cars run. I have modified my dads old 1994 Hot-knife from a beat down junk rat to a splendid nice everyday car. I really do hope i get the job thank you.
  16. I think it’s a cool idea, however you’ll be creating a huge amount of work for staff assigning vehicles etc. I guess it depends, I doubt with the new competition in town anyone will want to buy a second hand car when they can get it at almost cost price brand spankin new 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. I think it should yes. Makes even more RP.
  18. Hmm, Do you think it should?
  19. The new showroom seems to have rectified this issue.
  20. Scotty West would never do such a thing!! Sokudu and Walker Vehicle sales have enjoyed a great relationship with Grouppe security, couldn’t recommend anyone else!
  21. Is this replacing the blip at the dealership which sells your vehicle?
  22. From the 23/05/2018 I will be supporting Used Car Sales How it works. You make a post following a template in the marketplace Interested parties can ask questions and make offers Once money changes hand in the game you reply to your topic with the name of the person who bought it. Transfer of ownership will take between 10 minutes to 24 hours based on time of day and how busy we are. Simple Conditions Do not scam, we have logs of all transactions of money and it will not be tolerated in this circumstance. Do not attempt to sell a car you do not own (again we know all) The transaction must happen in the game, in RP and expect to negotiate its a way of life. The template For sale: R34 Skyline (For sale/Want to buy) Plate: 4432G56E Colour: Blue with green pearl FullUpgrades: Yes/No Cosmetics: Yes/No Description: Something funny if you want. Price: $600000 Photos 3 max Contact Info Name: Bob Caldwell Number: 728304
  23. Greetings Mr West, I heard a rumour that a paid job was reneged on and the protection paid to walk off. This would be some incredibly poor form if it's found to be true and hopes of using your company by Airlines would be also tarnished. I would hope the CEO looks into it and rectifies such an act with resignations of employees if found to be rouge. At a bare minimum a public announcement to reassure the Businesses and Public that your word is solid. Regards Gwido Bawsaq (CEO Airlines).
  24. The Star

    Gave it to a Lap dancer ?
  25. Since when does the Australian Public have access to this kind of weaponry or vehicles ?
  26. RPGS? Miniguns? Explosives?? For next to no money? That’s a recipe for some good old fashioned GTA online my advice would be to buy the guns from the black market in game with dirty money and then sell them for profit for real money to people like me, I’d pay a premium to skip the effort
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