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    Hey Mate, Hoping we could look at some other ways to make dirty cash rather than just drugs. Hoping for something like a Chopshop where you can take civilian cars (NPC Cars) and have locations to chopshop them or even allow mechanics to purchase cars to chopshop (for more profit). This could be a job which could be done when theres low server population as well if there were different marked locations to chop shop the cars.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Zoom zoom to the moon moon... I love that, Cubix. Also yeah the Sunshine Autos website is baller.
  6. Be sure to also checkout the Sunshine Autos website for a rough idea for some prices and such https://www.sunshineautosog.com/ @Spooks
  7. Never Driven a Brioso R/A but always have a feeling want to buy it , but still didnt buy till now , i've saw someone driving the Brioso with joy , so +1 For Brioso R/A
  8. I got the Brioso the other day, $20k, Goes about 150kmph stock I think, nice and fast wee car, zoom zoom to the moon moon
  9. Might be able to get a paint bucket on wheels with that
  10. Last week
  11. +1 another character switching point is needed up north! 👌🏼
  12. Gamers

    howdy fellow gamerino
  13. Welcome, I hope your time here is everything you want it to be
  14. Cheers. Looking forward to meeting everyone and making some new mates.
  15. Welcome to the city and OzzyGaming! Hope to see you around the city mate! Let us know if you have any issues or questions - Cube
  16. Job Levels

    You get paid whenever you complete a delivery or landscaping job.
  17. Got any turtles ~ its me Hijizzle
  18. Happy to be apart of the team 

  19. Gamers

    Epic gamer moment.
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