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  2. This forum looked lonely so I thought, what better place to spread some joy? Now, serious question: Is CS:GO surf actually fun or is it just people showing off their knives to get e-peen points? I have never owned CS:GO so that may explain why I don't really understand it with it's seemingly very basic physics... why not just play ARMA - the stairs might kill you but boredom probably won't
  3. Modded KOTH out now

    RHS KotH is best KotH - especially with the optional sound mods. Cannot see why anyone would play without them, the Russian vehicles are a total meme but the AK's are good for killing the yanks.
  4. This is why Ozzy cannot have nice things.
  5. The modded maps are normally ungodly massive, which doesn't suit RP. Normally very sparely covered with objects because of their size which is also boring. I'd prefer small areas that are interesting to play in over huge ones. The modded vehicles are always shit, they handle like rocket propelled snowplows which just sucks. Most of us have driven cars and nothing is more annoying than a car that doesn't handle in away way like an actual car haha. TFR would be pretty good but I always found the huge TS channels pretty weird, just looks odd to see everyone in one channel and not having a massive meme-fest, my prefered community meetings were just all about the shit talking.
  6. Ah, good old times. But even you have to admit the bugtracker was very effective - love it or hate it, the proof was in the pudding. 10/10 would tell you off for not using the bugtracker again lol
  7. I'd like to make an informal vote of 1:1 but doesn't really bother me either way, haven't seen much evidence of it helping the server except in hugely differing cases. Like 10 cops to 1 civ is an issue but most of the time a small overpop of cop isn't too terrible, especially because they are easy to avoid. Everyone knows the patrol routes and most likely encounter zones so just stay out of them and you'll be golden to be as illegal as you please. I've never been put off playing Civ because of too many cops, it only puts me off joining cop; if there are too many it is boring and tedious (and the comms normally suffer as a result). But I accept people may feel differently about it. Besides, no protocol for Civ and you get to be the aggressor and pick your fights with the cops. The cops just have to deal with the hand you deal them, easier to slaughter a large group of cops than gang members because they are easy to spot and identify
  8. Voting finished, I will talk to the Police Cabinet to disuss it. Thanks for your voice.
  9. sorry ash, you'll have to check bugtracker to see the changelog.
  10. Altis Life 5.0 Release

    Altis Life 5.0 release.
  11. Hi Ash, We will definitely be posting a changelog when we release 5.0, and these will be a regular occurrence whenever we release updates for any server. If you would like to suggest a price change for a specific item/items you can post that here.
  12. Can we also get a change log in once 5.0 comes out so we can see what is gone and what is new because that would be nice and also have prices changed in the new update???
  13. Altis Life 5.0/Clan Applications G’day OzzyGamers. We have confirmed the release date of Altis Life 5.0 to be on Friday the 23rd of March. We will be holding testing sessions throughout the week, everyone is welcome to hop on, have a look around and have some fun, so check the Shoutbox/Discord for more information about that. As mentioned in the previous announcement, due to the complete rebuild of the server, a wipe is necessary. Everyone will start on an even playing field with 250K starting cash. Our first testing session will take place on Monday the 19th of March at 7:30 AEDT. If you haven’t seen the discord announcement, Clan applications (Gang applications) have been opened, you can find those here. All Clans/Gangs will need to re-apply to be eligible to receive their server group tag and their public/private TeamSpeak rooms. Cheers.
  14. I found one picture from a wasteland server which does this https://gyazo.com/84919433f5e7ab77ec2b549134af6406 [i know the both of the uniforms are pink but those two are the only two i found]
  15. Hi mate, if you hope on TeamSpeak, just message/poke either myself or J'Zargo regarding this matter.
  16. I'm sure we can put something together. If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know.
  17. Hey all. For those of you that have been active on the server, and have had a go at drugs, you would have noticed that you get dirty money when you sell your drugs. For this money to be usable, you will need to have it laundered. As it currently stands, only heads of particular organizations can launder money (Police, EMS, Mafia, Mechanics). Since there is a lack of heads of these organizations, I'd like to remind everyone that these positions are available (Mafia, and Mechanic bosses). In the interim, if you need your money laundered, you can contact an administrator to have this done (with a 10% laundering fee of course). If you would like your money laundered, you can request it in this forum, or in-game. Cheers.
  18. Hey all. I hope by now some of you have had to opportunity to hop on to the FiveM server and have had a look around. We've been thinking about adding some modded vehicles for a while now, and we were wondering what you guys would like to see on the server. We are preferably looking for vehicle models that aren't incredibly detailed as this means you will have to download more files when we implement them. If you like, you can include a link to the vehicle that you are interested in. Suggestions for vehicle skins should be posted here. For those of you that have not hopped on the FiveM server, I would highly recommend that you do so as you may find some enjoyment in it. Cheers.
  19. If uniforms were to be implemented i would think it would require custom uniforms not just preset random cloths you can get from rebel because not many people would want to wear it otherwise I voted Uniforms under the impression that it will be custom uniforms I did a little of looking of what other servers do but cant find any that are not modded but here is a look of the modded which have custom vest and helmets and default clothing. https://gyazo.com/abfd58825facb9d2cb50e5e0d3bfef79
  20. Issue with uniforms would be: - Getting custom uniforms for each gang (would either need to update mission file each time, or have some way to choose from existing textures) - Avoiding overlap (if the idea is to ID gang members to each other, two gangs with the same uniform would cause issue) - Mission file size (if you use custom texutres, and have several dozen gangs, adding bloat) If you do anything at all, nametags would be ideal, as you'd be able to customise when and where those are visible/used (eg. gang ID only visible to gang members? or everyone?)
  21. - Listening to orders well *COUGH* MASON *COUGH*
  22. Last week
  23. To me this just seems like a situation that will just turn into gunfight after gunfight, I can't really forsee a possibility that doesn't involve the Bounty Hunters just shooting the wanted or the Civilians just opening fire on the Bounty Hunters or even just the Cop issue side of things. I'd say that the idea definitely needs a bit more substance and refinement. I'm interested to see whether a role play system can be created with an idea like this.
  24. Some people that have come from other servers have mentioned in-game gang tags so that cops can identify gang members in a hostile sit. An alternative could be gang uniforms (similar to cop), what are everyone's thoughts?
  25. i will be doing some runs get around 1 million and then only play cop because the rate it is going getting wiped every 2 months the money so i think people money being resetting is not something that will solve the current ratio, but we will wait to see after the new update #I CAN ADD COLOUR TOO @Kraze
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