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Captain KFC - Staff Introduction

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Hey guys! I made one of these an extremely long time ago but that would've been back when we used enjin so figured it needed an update. I first joined the server back in 2014 and got heavily into playing police on altis life, I didn't really climb too high through the ranks at first partly i believe cause of my age (12/13) and eventually became a staff member probably sometime at the start of 2015 (I think) As far as i'm aware I was a staff member for roughly two years before leaving (Highest rank was Admin) Due to me just getting bored of Arma and some issues arising with other staff, I tried to come back a few times but couldn't do it. I am now back as a staff member on the Squad server as I thoroughly enjoy the game and i'm excited to take part in the community again.

I am a huge fan of basketball and support the Celtics, and I love cars, especially JDM's (and 69' pontiac firebirds) I enjoy tactical shooters and competitive fps games but I play a pretty large variety in general.

Feel free to ask any questions about the old Ozzy etc, Have a great day everyone.

~ Captain KFC

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