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FiveM Development Update 3.1 (Project Theseus)

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OzzyGaming FiveM Development Update 10/09/2022 & 11/09/2022

Core Changes:

  • The framework that OG was built off has been overhauled, from a heavily modified ESX 2018 to ESX 2023. This involved over 4000 changes.
  • All existing OG scripts have been overhauled to operate with the new framework.

The following details the major changes that will affect you the most but does not contain all changes made.

Map Changes:

  • Roxwood: This is a replacement for our current Cayo Island features, Cayo still exists however all our vendors, dodgy and other scripts have been moved to Roxwood and Main Island. This allows players to utilise the whole island from north to south. Roxwood is located north of Paleto and has bridge access.
  • Canals River: We have overhauled the canals behind MRPD to have islands and rivers connecting to the ocean. In future, players will be able to fish here, and offer alternative options when racing or in chases. The river has a small platform that allows businesses to bring their club experience there for events.
  • Animated Billboards: Billboards have been placed in three different locations, one has our current businesses, second one has Police/EMS application posters and the final one is our current content creator’s branding.
  • Mile High Club: We have finished construction on the building opposite PDM, this luxurious building will allow players to enjoy a relaxing day at the pool or gym, the rest is purchasable apartments across the 6 floors or enjoy a night out in the club at the very top of the building which is reserved for businesses to hold events.
  • Re-textures of Eyesore Buildings: We have re-textured some buildings across the map, one of them being the Rockford Plaza which used to be an ugly yellow, now has been replaced with a dark stone and darker colour scheme to match the surrounding buildings. Other buildings have also been edited, so keep an eye out.
  • Legion Forest: We have revamped Legion Square, this change brings a new look to the middle of the city and will allow players to hang around the area without being spotted instantly.
  • Mirror Park Construction Street: We have finished the construction on the houses in Mirror Park, these houses bring a now completed look to match the river opposite.
  • Houseboats: To go with the player properties listed below.
  • NoPixel Sewer System: Yes that's right, we have the NoPixel sewer system.
  • MRPD: Due to popular request, we have brought back MRPD and made it now the main PD again - removing the one opposite LSC.

Scripts added/Changed/Overhauled:

  • New Clothing System: A new clothing system has been implemented, along with its new look it also stops you accidentally exiting out of it. You can now share your outfit codes with your friends., We anticipate this will aid businesses & whitelisted jobs too.
  • Logging: Overhauled the logging script to match out multiplayer jobs, you will now be able to do the jobs with friends and other players around you.
  • ID’s: We have overhauled our ID system to allow players to take a picture for a custom card that you can show other players, this includes the ability to create Fake ID’s.
  • Heists: We have added 3 new heists to complete the heist chain: Warehouse, Yacht and Bobcat. With these additions, you must complete the heists in order to be able to move onto the next heist. In future, we will be adding more fun heists that are not going to be in the chain to do.
  • Inventory: We have changed our Inventory to a weight based system that the players have requested, this includes all items added weight values, a new hotbar and a new gun visual system.
  • HUD: We have changed the HUD to a user customisable HUD, this allows you to modify and move the HUD icons around to match how you want it to look. Simply press the hotkey assigned, and you will be given options to change to your preference. This includes changing the colours of the icons and new notifications for running low on food, water etc.
  • Food & Water: Prior to reaching zero food or water you will now be notified when low. When you reach 0, instead of instantly dying, you will slowly start taking progressive damage, don't be fooled, it will still drop you quickly so don’t wait around to replenish.
  • Item Stores: With the Inventory change we have removed NPC sellers at the stores/gun stores etc and now they are all green interactable arrows on the ground. Walk up to them and open your inventory; on the right will be the items you can buy. Drag the items over and place it in a slot.
  • Radio: We have moved to a new radio that has new features and a cleaner look, this includes a members list, call sign section, contact section and anonymous mode (which hides you from the members list).
  • Jail: Jail allows inmates to do activities to reduce time, earn a little cash and also includes a way to earn items in jail that can be used to break out. A stash has been added to the jail for you to store these items, if sent to jail for a long time you can collect these to attempt a break-out.
  • Mechanics: Now utilises a long requested new system and we have added car lifts. This means that when doing jobs the information will now be sent to discord and will replace the invoice sheet on the Rubio (Businesses must still fill in their web sheets for pay etc).
  • Org Vendors: Vendors have been relocated and the requirements to access them have changed. Further details on how the system now operates will be provided in the Org Discord.
  • Mining: Mining now works similar to the scrapping job and has over 170 rocks for players to mine from, this method is a trial for the way we wish to operate other jobs in future and fixes many issues with the old mining system.
  • Phone: The Phone has now been optimised and configured to best suit our needs.
  • Global Sounds: Global Sounds have historically been associated with UI lag, we have re-enabled these (with fixes) as a stress test and will monitor the new behaviour closely.
  • Spawn Selector: We have changed the look and feel of the Spawn Selector when flying into the server.
  • Electrician Job: The Electrician Job will now have working levels from easy to hard - These will be unlocked the further you progress.
  • Window Cleaning: This is a multiplayer job which allows up to four people to complete. We recommend only two, as the script can struggle to sync the platform for all four players. Unfortunately, this is a flaw in the script's design and cannot be readily fixed.
  • Drugs: Drugs have been simplified, however they have been given a massive overhaul. Find out in RP how the new system works /inrp. Hint: Connect with other players.
  • Motorhomes: Motorhomes have been added to all dealerships, there are 4 vehicles in total that allow you to have a mobile wardrobe, inventory (250kg) and lockable door. These are 250k each and have 4 variations.
  • Weapons: Over 40 new weapons have been added across the server to replace those previously available, these include attachments (Weapons have gone for a more realistic look instead of light up pink M4’s).
  • Police Female Vests: New SRT & normal police vests have been created for our female officers to match the male vests.
  • Police Dispatch and MDT: Police now have a new dispatch and MDT to allow them to keep more of their information in game and allow the Command + team to monitor police proactively.
  • EMS Dispatch: EMS now have the same dispatch as police, which makes it easier to identify where calls are before accepting them.
  • Police Priority: When a police officer manually activates priority, it will only be active for 30 minutes. If a heist starts priority will automatically activate until the rewards are given and then extends for 30 minute after to give police a break. This will stop police forgetting it is on, if police go overtime they can extend it again for another 30 minutes. This system is a trial at the moment and will be monitored closely to ensure it is utilised reasonably.
  • Properties: We have a new housing system that allows us to sell all the houses/buildings across the map, this includes allowing a player to give up to 25 keys to a property, and players can have a maximum of 3 keys to different houses (including those you own). These include a garage, wardrobe and stash. The stashes and wardrobes are placed down by buying certain furniture from the menu in the house. There are different types of storage and the more expensive, the more weight it holds. However, items are not just limited to storage/wardrobe, we have added a lot of props for you to customise your house with as we have over 230 shells for your house to be. It's basically a sim game.
  • Houseboats: We have added over 10 houseboats in the Sandy River for you to buy as properties - there are 3 different types: poor, medium and rich boats.
  • Gang Zones: We have added a new system for gangs/Orgs to claim territories above the city to earn continental coins to spend at the continental store. This system is open to all players/groups and not just Orgs, however be aware even though there are no rules against killing players in the continental zone, if you murder a player you will have a bounty placed on you for all groups to collect, which in turn will remove you from the system and wiping your stats. We advise against robbing players in the zone as you may be punished by the continental, e.g revoking your ownership of a zone, a tax levied against you or blocking you from trade. You can upgrade the zone to have locals fight for you when a war starts in your area to defend it until you arrive, or add more zones to make it harder to reach the middle zone.
  • Blacklist: A new NPC racing script, it will take you into an instance to race an NPC and when you successfully beat them you can move to the next race. This is inspired by NFS games as you’ll notice in the menu.
  • Evidence System: Police now are able to collect blood samples, fingerprints and shell casings from cars and crime scenes. Criminals (if smart) will also be able to remove that evidence from the scene, assuming they have time. Rain will also remove blood samples, and all evidence lasts for 30 minutes before decaying.
  • Black Market: Has moved half of its locations to the NoPixel sewer system.
  • New character Creation & Selection: Allows players to have all the faces, makeup, hair & clothes available to them while creating a character.
  • Weapon Attachments: We have now categorised attachments to a simpler format, e.g a pistol silencer attachment will work on all pistols, a rifle silencer will work on all rifles etc. This will stop each weapon having its own attachment item, which was causing significant confusion.
  • Helicopter Shooting: You can now shoot third person out of a Helicopter instead of it being forced to first person, this is for all factions.
  • Trucking: The existing trucking bugs have been squashed, however if you run into more, please report them on Discord.
  • Drug Selling: We have overhauled the drug vendor, and have increased the number of ranks to 50. The final rank (50) is “King of Dealing”. Ranks are now beneficial for you instead of it just being there.


  • PlasmaKart: We have added a civilian activity, you can go with friends to the location on the map to participate in go kart racing, you can choose different CC’s of the karts and enjoy races on a massive track hidden away in a building.
  • PlasmaTron: As above, except a Tron Bike race where you eliminate your friends, similar to the TRON movie.
  • PlasmaLobby: As above, except a TDM or CTF with the style of Red vs Blue teams, there are two locations, the public one which has up to 5 maps or the private one for events that has up to 9 maps. (The private location is for when a business, streamer or whitelisted job wishes to host an activity).


  • Lambo Boat: The Lambo boat will be available for players to buy from the boat dealership
  • Motorhome: 4 Vehicles to purchase for the Motorhome script, available in all dealerships constantly
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