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How to make money on 2024

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So after the wipe, when all my cars that I had built up since the previous wipe when I also lost a huge amount of cars happened, my group and I stopped playing for a long time, maybe a year or so. Ive come back and jumped on today and am a bit lost. Is there no more fishing? Where do you buy rods? Whats the best way to make $ to get cars ? Is there still cars such as the Rx3, Rx7, XBGT etc in the game  ? 




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Hey Mate,

there is still fishing in the game can get rods from the hardware store. There is rods with better perks but gotta ask around inrp. If you’re just starting out i suggest trucking to make some quick easy cash. Some of those cars are around just check the dealerships for whats available.

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