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Velociraptor buff

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Presently, acquiring a 9x12 storage space for a mere 5k in-game currency or the equivalent of 1 boost is an economically clear option. However, when comparing this to pre-wipe scenarios, where a GMC with a 180kg storage capacity cost a whopping $250k, the substantial progress is evident. A large investment of $30 real money would then afford a commendable 250kg capacity, a noteworthy upgrade considering that any storage solution close to 250kg previously demanded a hefty price tag, typically exceeding 100k.

Velociraptor's Storage Capacity:

 I would like to say that the storage capacity of the Velociraptor requires a  enhancement to align its worth with its price point. The current 12x15 storage space, while respectable, doesn't quite measure up to the allure of alternative options, such as the quantity of ballers available, offering superior value for investment.


In light of the above analysis, I propose a steadier review and potential buff to the storage capacity of the Velociraptor. This adjustment will not only augment its desirability among players but also ensure a more balanced and competitive market for in-game storage solutions. Such a strategic enhancement will contribute to a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience, fostering continued engagement and satisfaction among our player community.

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