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FiveM Development Update 2.5.12

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OzzyGaming FiveM Development Update 3/09/2022

In this update we have rewritten and are bringing back the Department Of Justice job.
In addition to this we are adding a new "Activity", activities are jobs that anyone can do regardless of what your job is set to. The new activity will be hunting.

We are also adding the "dodgy doctor"... !inrp

We hope you all enjoy this update.

- Showing your ID card while dead will no longer perform an emote.
- Emote menu now plays the correct emote and is no longer off by one.
- Gas station on grove street is serving gas again!
- Fixed a bug where players were unable to store cars at Paleto garage.

- Added the Hunting Activity (Items to the right of postcode 718). License upstairs.
- Added the Department of Justice Job.
- Added a "Dodgy Doctor".
- Added a new Sandy Hospital and PD.
- Added icons to a bunch of items that were missing them.
- Added a 3% tax to bank transfers.
- Added "Carbine Rifle Mk2" to the SRT armoury.
- Added grafitis for certain orgs.

- Radio spawners from Org Hideouts.

- Cop/EMS map blips now linked to the "Radio" item.
- Cop/EMS map blips now show in character name instead of steam name.
- Price of fixing a vehicle at a garage has been increased.
- Updated loading screen style and changed music/images.
- Slightly reduced damage done by bats.
- All SRT ranks above "Trial Operator" now have the same unlocks.
- Renamed "Bennys" phone contact to "Paradise Customs"

The Development team look forward to pushing more updates out for you guys. Enjoy!

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